BitClub Network Now Wants 500 New Suckers; Participants Exhorted To Be Patient Because Purported Mining ‘Community’ Venture Is Like ‘Building A Home-Made Space Ship To Explore Outer Space’

BitClub Network apparently has found its first crop of 500 suckers willing to throw down $3,599 to become “Founders.”

A link from a new post on Twitter suggests BitClub Network now is trying to line up 500 new suckers who’ll purportedly earn half of what the core group was promised. The new suckers will be called Founder[s]2.”

Buy-in pricing for the Founders2 positions wasn’t immediately clear. BitClub Network is a purported mining-pool “community” with a Bitcoin theme.

From the claim on the page linked from Twitter (italics added):

“If you came to the party late you still have another chance to be in the second wave of Bitclub Network Founders. This group will split an additional 0.5% of total mining profits paid out to the next 500 members who become a ‘Bitclub Network Founder2.'”

A week ago today, some existing BitClub Network promoters were trawling for suckers to let 100 percent of their money ride in the “program” by setting the repurchase scheme to 100 percent. BitClub Network’s repurchase scheme is similar to so-called “80/20” programs seen in Ponzi schemes such as Zeek Rewards.

BitClub Network is being promoted by some former Zeek members, including clawback defendant T. LeMont Silver.

In the affiliate pitch accessible today through Twitter, the claim was made that BitClub Network participants had to exercise patience because what the “program” is doing is like “building a home-made space ship to explore outer space.”

Though not Bitcoin-themed, an emerging “program” known as The Achieve Community also is trading on a community theme. As is the case with BitClub Network, Achieve Community members are encouraged to let a percentage of their money ride.

A video promo for Achieve Community viewed by the PP Blog today suggested that $50 plowed into the scheme could return $25,600 in 170 days or so by employing a 50-percent rollover strategy.

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