‘The Achieve Community’ Promoter Records Commercial At ATM In Hawaii; YouTube Text Promo Claims Achieve A ‘True Lifetime Income Plan!’

From a promo for 'The Achieve Community' plating on YouTube.

From a promo for ‘The Achieve Community’ playing on YouTube.

UPDATED 10:42 A.M. ET DEC. 11 U.S.A. Promoters of the MPBToday network-marketing scam recorded promos at FDIC-insured banks and inside Wal-Mart stores to sanitize the outrageous “program’s” fraud scheme in 2010.

In 2013, MPB Today operator Gary Calhoun was sentenced to a term in Florida state prison on a racketeering charge. MPBToday operated a cycler in which it was claimed a $200 purchase could result in free groceries and gasoline for life.

Now, a promoter of “The Achieve Community” cycler has recorded a commercial at an ATM of an FDIC-insured bank in Hawaii. The 0:51 promo is posted on YouTube and is titled, “Proof that my Payoneer debit card from the Achieve Community works!”

Achieve appears to have lost its ability to gather money through Payoneer only days later, although it is unclear whether the ATM video played any role.

Some promoters have positioned Achieve as a retirement plan. Others have claimed payouts are guaranteed and that no one has to sell anything.

In 2013, a promoter of the Banners Broker “program” told a British newspaper that he had a plan to withdraw Banners Broker cash at a NatWest ATM and then deposit the cash in an HSBC account.

Canadian authorities later declared Banners Broker an international scam that had harvested millions of dollars.

In the Achieve YouTube promo with a publication date of Oct. 16, 2014, a man walks up to an American Savings Bank “Money Express” machine apparently in Kauai, displays an ATM card, inserts it in the machine and presses some buttons. The machine then dispenses a $20 bill, which the man shows to the audience.

“It works,” he says smiling, and giving the audience a “thumbs up” sign. “All right. [Aloha.]”

Text below the video reads, “Just wanted to show everyone that ACHIEVE + PAYONEER equals a True Lifetime Income Plan!”

It is very early morning in Hawaii. American Savings Bank, an FDIC member as noted above, did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

Regulators have issued repeated warnings about Ponzi- and pyramid schemes spreading on social media and also about affinity fraud.

Some promos for Achieve Community have used religious and Christian themes. By some accounts, purchases of $50 Achieve “positions” can turn into tremendous sums of wealth through a strategy in which 50 percent of purported “earnings” are continually rolled back into the “program.”

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  1. That’s like saying “my stolen credit card is fine because I can get gas with it”…

  2. Come to think of it, TVI Express followers did the same sort of stuff in Australia, booked a hotel room and filmed themselves checking in and all that.