IRONY: Scheme Whose Actual Name Is ‘PlanB’ Tackled By European Authorities

planb4youOne of the core signatures of an HYIP scam is highlighted when a “program” is presented as a “Plan B,” typically in the context of creating “multiple income streams” or “in case Plan A fails, you’d better have a “Plan B.”

Zeek Rewards A-lister Keith Laggos gushed about Lyoness, his “Plan B” program. Zeek collapsed in a pile of Ponzi rubble and Lyoness later caught the attention of authorities in Australia.

Fellow Zeek A-Lister T. LeMont Silver pushed an ill-fated series of Plans B such as JubiMax/JubiRev and GoFunRewards/GoFunPlaces.

Zhunrize, remarkably, touted itself as both a “Plan A” and a “Plan B” scheme.

Now it has come to pass that a “program” whose actual name is Plan B reportedly has encountered a police raid in Europe in which money and expensive cars were seized. Perhaps showcasing its Stepfordian mindlessness, the “program” added “4you” to its name, becoming “PlanB4You.”

AdVentures4U, a similar MLM fraud, tried a similar tactic before crashing in 2009. That “program” was a “Plan B” for MLM scammers who earlier had joined the AdSurfDaily and AdViewGlobal MLM scams.

This story about PlanB4You is in Dutch.  An English translation by Google Translate suggests there were police raids in the Netherlands and perhaps other countries, including Belgium.

If the PlanB4You name wasn’t enough of a giveaway that the “program” was one to be avoided, PlanB4You’s presence on the MoneyMakerGroup Ponzi forum provided another one. (It’s on TalkGold, too.)

Or you could have read the July 2014 review of PlanB4You as yet another scam in progress.



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2 Responses to “IRONY: Scheme Whose Actual Name Is ‘PlanB’ Tackled By European Authorities”

  1. Since Moneymakergroup and Talkgold are mentioned, it might be of interest to readers to know that both forums are owned by the same people. Something I discovered only a short while ago.

  2. Brian Krasnostein is the purported owner of both the Talkgold and MoneyMaker Group forums.

    I say “purported” because no one knows the corporate structure behind either forum, Krasnostein claiming to have sold a controlling interest to a mysterious Middle Eastern “buyer” some years ago.

    It’s the HYIP ponzi fraud industry we’re talking about here, believe nothing.