North Korea’s ‘Monkey’ Slur Against President Obama Reminiscent Of 2010 Ad Script For Ill-Fated MPB Today ‘Program’

North Korea has described President Obama as a "monkey," providing a flashback to a 2010 ad script for the MPB Today MLM "program." A link to the script appears in the story below. A second script resulted in the publication of a finished ad that was equally deplorable.

North Korea has described President Obama as a “monkey,” providing a flashback to a 2010 ad script for the MPB Today MLM “program.”

Today we provide a glimpse into the world of coded pandering as it exists in North Korea, the country blamed by the FBI last week for orchestrating the cyber attacks on California-based Sony Pictures. Turns out that coded pandering in North Korea is not all that different from coded pandering in the United States.

It now has emerged that North Korea apparently believes that describing President Obama as a person who “always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest” is a PR masterstroke.

So, Kim Jong Un is passing the word that Obama has the qualities of a talking “monkey” out to make things even harder on his fellow monkeys. And where do these talking monkeys live? Why, the jungle, of course.

As the AP reports, via the Washington Times (italics added):

It wasn’t the first time North Korea has used crude insults against Obama and other top U.S. and South Korean officials. Earlier this year, the North called U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry a wolf with a “hideous” lantern jaw and South Korean President Park Geun-hye a prostitute. In May, the North’s official news agency published a dispatch saying Obama has the “shape of a monkey.”

Words Mean Things

The bizarre situation evolving in North Korea is reminiscent of a bizarre situation surrounding the MPB Today MLM “program” that played out in the United States beginning in 2010.  Indeed, an affiliate of the Ponzi-board cycler “opportunity” whose operator later went to jail on a state charge of racketeering in Florida apparently believed that using the word “monkey” in the context of Obama was a winning business message. For apparent good measure, the term “Brown-noser” also was used in the deplorable script.

From Scene 1 in the 2010 script (italics added):

michelle_obama O’ Barry Baby, since we’ve joined MPB TODAY your popularity has increased in the polls! Who runs these polls, monkeys??

From Scene 16 (italics added):

obama hillary You’re no loser, Hil, and besides… no one loses with MPB Today, not even you… OMG, What a Brown-noser

MPB Today was positioned by affiliates in general as a “program” in which a one-time purchase of $200 could morph into free groceries and gasoline for life. The author of the offensive script, however, apparently couldn’t let the already-dubious narrative end there.

For whatever reason, it became important to depict a black family that happens to be the First Family of the United States as welfare recipients.

This from Scene 6 of the script (italics added):

michelle_obama obama Hmm, I should prolly call my Food Stamp worker now that I’ve joined MPB

mpbtodayobamalarge11Could it get worse? Sure. It also became important to depict the President as a left-handed saluting Nazi who answers to a bawling and wine-drunk U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Nazi-in-Chief.

And why not paint the Obama family as aspiring to eat “real dog food” while at once attacking the President’s then-9-year-old daughter? This from Scene 4 (italics added):

michelle_obama obama I’m so relieved we’ve totally eliminated our grocery bill! You’re relieved? Now I’ll finally get some real dog food instead of just Sasha’s scraps

Hell, if there’s MLM hay to be made, why not make First Lady Michelle Obama flatulent in the Oval Office from the consumption of “beans” while the First Dog laments the absence of unoffensive air?

mpbtodayobamabeanssmall1Like North Korea’s messaging, the messaging for MPB Today was the stuff of spectacular idiocy on display for all the world to see. Here’s the decoded shorthand: Hillary (dubbed “Hitlary” in one version of the script) might be a Nazi drunk, but at least she’s a white drunk and the black President answers to her. Send the black President and his welfare family back to Wal-Mart where they belong. The black family is stinking up the White House and even offending the First Pet.

The White House didn’t intervene to prevent the American public from seeing the idiocy. Nor did it intervene to protect the First Family from decidedly less-than-hagiographic treatment. No cyber war was launched against MPB Today, not even after its operator sought to stoke his purported bona fides by claiming to have been named  the 2003 “Businessman of the Year” by the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Business Advisory Council.

The ad, which was designed to drive business to MPB Today but offended Democrats and Republicans alike, eventually was pulled by the creator, who caught some hell on the Internet for being such an idiot in the name of MLM. With or without the ad, MPB Today was such an obvious fraud that it was a virtual certainty that its operator would be held accountable for his money-cycling scheme.

That’s exactly what happened.

Contrast what happened with the MPB Today video to what happened at Sony Pictures during the run-up to the release of “The Interview,” a scalding and satirical poke at Kim Jong Un.

Sony effectively was crippled for weeks by hackers. Its intellectual property and email files were stolen. Its employees were threatened. Patrons were threatened with 9/11-style terrorist attacks. Theaters backed out of screening “The Interview.” Obama went on TV to explain North Korea was not going to dictate what Americans could watch in U.S. movie houses. Sony, which initially withdrew the Christmas Day release of the film, reversed course and put it out in more than 300 theaters and released it online.

Some Americans sang patriotic songs in support of the film.

It now comes to pass that Americans have seen their President depicted by North Korea in much the same way he was depicted by the MPB Today promoter in 2010. (In fairness, it must be pointed out that North Korea didn’t go the extra mile and make Obama a welfare-enabled Nazi.)

We wonder today just how many MLMers have been swept into in a North Korea-style cult of personality and imprisoned in the same way Kim’s people are imprisoned.



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  1. Norks blame U.S. for TITSUP internet, unleash racist rant against Obama

    The NDC hit back with its own accusations against Washington:

    The United States, with its large physical size and oblivious to the shame of playing hide and seek as children with runny noses would, has begun disrupting the internet operations of the main media outlets of our republic.

    I’ve read elsewhere that the majority of the populace in North Korea do not have access to any form of internet service. Only the upper elite have (had!) any form of access. What “official” access there is may be sand-boxed to “approved” content only.

  2. NORKS? Pffft. Infosec bods blame disgruntled insiders for savage Sony hack

    Norse has identified a group of six individuals – from the US, Canada, Singapore and Thailand – as potential suspects. One of the alleged perps is a 10-year veteran of Sony Pictures’ backroom technical staff who lost his job in May.