‘Achieve Community’ Websites Inaccessible

From a promo for Achieve Community on YouTube.

From a promo for Achieve Community on YouTube.

UPDATED 12:20 P.M. ET U.S.A. Two websites associated with the “Achieve Community” — ReadyToAchieve.com and TheAchieveCommunity.com — are inaccessible this morning.

Achieve Community is under investigation by the Colorado Division of Securities.

The PP Blog asked the Division this morning if it was aware of the outage and whether the inaccessibility of the sites had anything to do with the investigation.

“I cannot comment further at this time,” said Lillian Alves, Colorado’s Deputy Securities Commissioner.

Reports surfaced yesterday on a Facebook site known as the “NonOfficialAchieveCommunity” that Achieve had shut down its own private forum and that a page linked to a purported new payment processor for Achieve was carrying a “server maintenance” message.

The maintenance message continues to appear today.

Some Achievers have condemned the NonOfficialAchieveCommunity Facebook site, which also is known as “the Sheepdog” and does not echo the company line. In recent days, one poster made the preposterous assertion that the Sheepdog was responsible for ruining 10,000 lives and could be held financially liable by Achievers.

Achieve purportedly is operated by Kristi Johnson of Colorado and Troy Barnes of Michigan.  The “program,” backed by hucksters such as Rodney Blackburn, reportedly has not made payouts for nearly three months after encountering trouble with payment processors.

Blackburn is pushing multiple “programs” with a presence on well-known Ponzi-scheme forums — and even camped out on the website of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to record a promo.

The SEC last month declined to comment on Blackburn’s commercial.



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  1. Well, full-fledged religious zealotry appears to be in play now. From the Sheepdog site, quoting a supporter of Troy Barnes:


    We waisted so much time, because of these poisoners idiots!!! Some people have no value of life, animal nor human and add no vallue to life at all. Some people are just alive as cariers of evil. Such people are not suppost to be among the land of the living and the blessed. So you are doing only good Troy and helping many others out of their misseries which we call justice!!! So away with them now and make sure you don’t leave anyone of them behind we can’t take anymore risks enough is enough!!! In the name of Jesus root the evil out Troy Barnes


    Source: https://www.facebook.com/NonOfficialAchieveCommunity

    Longtime PP Blog readers have seen this type of thing before. Supporters of the 2008 AdSurfDaily Ponzi scheme circulated a purported prayer that called for prosecutors to be struck dead.

    The prayer was distributed among ASD members on Sept. 11, 2008, about 40 days after the ASD raid. It was distributed on the seventh anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The prayer called for the prosecutors and the Secret Service to be made to suffer — apparently for having the temerity to stop a $110 million scheme in its tracks.

    The ASD prayer, as recorded in our archives:


    I decree and declare that in this battle, no intrinsic or extrinsic weapon, be it emotional, financial, physical, social, psychological, spiritual, organizational, interpersonal, formed against me shall prosper!

    Heavenly Father, we overthrow the plans of troublemakers, scorners, scoffers, mockers, persecutors, and character assassins! Expose satanic representatives and grant unto us divine strategies and tactics to identify, resist and overcome plots and plans established for our demise!

    Draw out your spear and stop them in their way!
    Let them be confounded and put to shame!
    Let them fall by their own counsels!
    Let them be turned back and brought to confusion!
    Let them be as chaff driven by the wind!
    Let the angel of the Lord persecute them!
    Let their way be through dark and slippery places, with the angel of the Lord pursuing and afflicting them!
    Let them be put to shame and dishonor those who seek and require our lives!
    Let them be turned back and confounded who plan our hurt!
    Let destruction come to them suddenly!
    Let them fall to their own destruction!
    Let destruction come upon them unaware!
    Let them stumble and fall into the very destruction they have contrived for us!
    Let them be wounded and destroyed by the very weapons they have devised for us!
    Let them be caught in the same net that they set for us!
    Let them fall in the very pit that the dug for us!
    Let them be hung by the very noose they constructed for us!
    Let them be burned in the very fire they have lit for us!
    Let them be consumed by the very beasts they have prepared for us!
    Strike them down in the very act of their mischief!
    Let their mischief be returned to them double-fold!
    Pluck them out of their dwelling place!
    Root them out of the land of the living!
    Let evil slay them, and desolation be their lot!
    Make them like a wheel turning in confusion!
    Make them as the stubble before the wind!
    Make them as wood burned by fire!
    Cause fear and terror to grip their hearts!
    Let them be confounded and troubled forever!

    Heavenly Father, put a halt to all distractive, disturbing and destruction measures. For this reason was the Son of God made manifest, that He would destroy the works of the enemy!

    We prevail against satanic inhibitions, prohibitions, and all limitations. We decree and declare that all invisible and invincible walls are destroyed!
    We nullify, dismantle, cancel and forcefully oppose any satanic operations, maneuvers, manipulations, subversions, strategies, tactics, plots, plans and ploys, which are designed to hinder, prevent, frustrate, foil, deny or delay God’s originals (sic) plans and purposes from their quick, swift and speedy manifestations!

    We come against falsehoods, slander, speculation, accusations, misrepresentations, and character assassinations!

    Heavenly Father, cause the heavens to bow down with divine judgment! Send your hand from above and rid us of them! Let Truth Prevail!

    Disappoint the devices the enemy has crafted so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise!
    Take them in their own crafty and devious ways!
    Let every attack of retaliation fail!
    Send divine angelic prophetic assaults against all diabolical intelligence!
    Release divine viruses to invade satanic databases and command that they be consumed and destroyed!
    Let all future diabolical communications and networkings fail!
    Send a spirit of confusion amongst them!
    Let their tongues be divided, so that when they communicate it will be incoherent and misunderstood!
    Let all satanic manifestations cease and let divine abortive measures and miscarriages occur in satanic wombs and incubators!

    Heavenly Father, you have given us a great work to accomplish! We war for the releasing of our finances and all resources that belong to us! Let those that hold on to our wealth longer than they should be afflicted and tormented WITHOUT RELIEF until they release what rightfully belongs to us!

    We command satan to cough it up! Spit it out! Release it! Loose (sic) it and let it go!!!!



  2. wow a prayer.

    sometimes i wonder if those lunatics even need to be helped.
    waste of time trying to explain things to them.

  3. The ReadyToAchieve.com site is back up, but there is a mystery.

    Words in Korean now appear at the bottom. Via Google Translate, here’s the meaning: “Troy Barnes and cooperation.”

    “Corporation,” maybe?

    There’s also an address given: 1128-3 Partner’s Tower II, #1304, Guro-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea.

    Not sure what this means, but the address also appears at a domain styled “Powerfeng.com.”

    Powerfeng.com, meanwhile, also includes these words: “Our HASPAY Payment Gateway also accept credit card payment. This address is 1128-3 Partner’s Tower II, #1304 Guro-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea”

    So, it’s the same address that appears at the bottom of ReadyToAchieve.

    That address also appears on a series of pages at a website styled “Stars-Style.com.” This site appears to offer shoes while featuring the names and photos of celebrities: Kate Moss, Christina Aguilera, Hilary Duff, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and more.

    There is a domain styled HasPay.com. It appears to use Chinese.


  4. TheAchieveCommunity.com is back, too. It has the same Korean text and Seoul address noted above.


  5. And hosted on: –


    Klapparstigur 7
    101 Reykjavik

  6. they just can’t make up their mind where to hide can they?