BULLETIN: Receiver Sues USHBB Inc., Maker Of Zeek Videos — And Ties Firm To AdSurfDaily Ponzi Scheme

breakingnews729th UPDATE 9:01 P.M. EDT U.S.A. Indianapolis-based USHBB Inc. and three of its principals — James A. Moore, Robert Mecham and Oscar H. Brown — have been sued by the court-appointed receiver in the Zeek Rewards Ponzi- and pyramid-scheme case.

Receiver Kenneth D. Bell alleges USHBB, a producer of videos, also did work for the AdSurfDaily Ponzi scheme “and one or more other failed MLM operations.”

Though not referenced specifically in the complaint, one of those operations was “NarcThatCar,” a bizarre pyramid scheme that collapsed in 2010.

Bell raised concerns months ago that some MLMers or network marketers simply were proceeding from scheme to scheme to scheme. The receiver previously tied alleged Zeek winner Todd Disner to the ASD Ponzi scheme.

Not only did USHBB and its principals mine $676,848 from Zeek for producing videos and marketing materials that duped vast numbers of Zeek participants,  Moore, Mecham and Brown piled up hundreds of thousands of dollars in illicit profits as Zeek affiliates, Bell charged.

Brown, better known as O.H. Brown, used “ushbb” as his Zeek affiliate name and amassed $168,642.70, Bell alleged.

Moore scored $109,130.64 under multiple usernames, including “geniweb” and “ttm,” Bell alleged.

Mecham piled up “at least $868,542.17 through his shell companies Five Star Marketing, LLC and The End Media, LLC, under multiple usernames, including ‘napier2’ and ‘theend,'” Bell alleged.

Moore resides in Indianapolis, according to the complaint. Mecham is a resident of Bountiful, Utah, and Brown lives in Mount Pleasant, S.C.

Mecham and Brown received transfers of $25,000 each from a Zeek “insider” in August 2012, the same month Zeek collapsed, according to the complaint.

Brown, according to the complaint, potentially knew that the SEC was looking at Zeek in June 2012 and dashed off a panicked email to Zeek executive Dawn Wright-Olivares.

What appears to have happened, according to the complaint, was that a technology company with which USHBB did business was contacted by the SEC, prompting Brown to tell Olivares:

“Heads up!!!! Our IT partners, RMR development received a telephone call from the SEC today regarding yougetpaidtoadvertise and what organizations were associated. This was a very short call I am told. Not sure what will come of this but this is an alarm at least that the government is looking. We need to get squeaky clean and quick!”

Olivares, charged civilly by the SEC and criminally by federal prosecutors in the Western District of North Carolina in 2013, allegedly shared inside information with USHBB and Brown.

From the receiver’s complaint (italics added):

Further, the Defendants were involved in the Zeek scheme’s operation and the Insiders’ decisionmaking. For example, in August 2011, ZeekRewards adjusted some of the terminology it used publicly in an attempt to disguise the “Compounder” as a legitimate retail profit sharing mechanism. The Compounder’s name was changed to the “Retail Profit Pool,” but the substance of this investment vehicle did not change. USHBB was or should have been fully aware of this deceitfulness in which it participated.

In a June 24, 2011 email, Dawn Wright-Olivares wrote to O.H. Brown regarding a webinar that USHBB had created for Zeek: “I started to do minor edits . . . ([Y]ou’ll see them where I started to say Retail Profit Pool) lol instead of Compounder . . . . ” She further wrote to Brown: “the silent cap [for bid expiration] reality will be 125% but we can’t SAY it as you know.”

Wright-Olivares pleaded guilty to investment-fraud conspiracy and tax-fraud conspiracy in February 2014.

Consistent with USHBB’s “dubious track record” in ASD and other schemes, the company and its principals “assisted the ZeekRewards scheme by creating multiple videos that served as promotional tools for ZeekRewards,” Bell alleged.

Titles included:

  • “One Penny Billionaire.”
  • “You Get Paid to Advertise.”
  • “Got 20 Seconds.”
  • “The Dog Gone Truth.”
  • “Spin the Wheel.”

“The videos were carefully produced to mislead and deceive victims into participating in the scheme, convincing victims that with minimal effort they could earn significant financial returns from the Zeek scheme,” Bell alleged.

And, he alleged, “These videos assisted the Insiders in promoting the alleged ease with which affiliates could earn passive profits by investing in the scheme and selling membership in the scheme to others. Affiliates were told to mention the ZeekRewards program to a prospective affiliate or advertise it on a web page, and then email or otherwise provide them a link to the USHBB videos, which upon information and belief convinced other unwary victims to sign on . . .

“The videos were a key component in proliferating the RVG Ponzi scheme, causing significantly more victims and financial loss than otherwise would have occurred absent Defendants’ actions.”

RVG stands for Rex Venture Group, the alleged operator of Zeek. It was controlled by Paul R. Burks of Lexington, N.C. Burks also has been charged criminally.

ASD was a $119 million Ponzi scheme broken up by the U.S. Secret Service in 2008. NarcThatCar was a “program” that purported to pay MLM “program” members to recruit other members and to record the license-plate numbers of vehicles parked at restaurant chains, big-box retailers, universities, doctors’ offices and throughout neighborhoods from coast to coast.

The information purportedly would be entered into a database that could assist the U.S. Department of Homeland Security locate terrorists and lenders repossess automobiles. The bizarre scheme disappeared after it caught the attention of the Better Business Bureau and investigative journalists.

Bell is seeking treble damages and the return of ill-gotten gains from the USHBB defendants.

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  1. Clerk’s entries of default recorded July 8 against USHBB Inc. and James A. Moore.

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