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BRIEF: ‘Digadz’ Admin Reportedly ‘Paralyzed’

BRIEF: 'Digadz' Admin Reportedly 'Paralyzed'

“Beejay,” the purported “admin” of a “program” known as “Digadz,” is “seriously injured and [his] whole body is paralyzed,” according to chatter circulating on Facebook and on the MoneyMakerGroup Ponzi forum. The purported cause was an automobile accident at an unspecified location, according to the chatter. Beejay purportedly was the admin of a previous scheme […]

COLORADO: ‘Achieve Community’ Subject Of ‘Order To Show Cause’

COLORADO: 'Achieve Community' Subject Of 'Order To Show Cause'

UPDATED 6:17 A.M. EDT APRIL 21 U.S.A. The Colorado Division of Securities has directed an “Order to Show Cause” to “Achieve Community,” alleged in February 2015 by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to be a combined Ponzi- and pyramid scheme that gathered at least $3.8 million. Colorado’s order cites a “Division Case No.” of […]