BRIEF: ‘Digadz’ Admin Reportedly ‘Paralyzed’

digadz“Beejay,” the purported “admin” of a “program” known as “Digadz,” is “seriously injured and [his] whole body is paralyzed,” according to chatter circulating on Facebook and on the MoneyMakerGroup Ponzi forum.

The purported cause was an automobile accident at an unspecified location, according to the chatter. Beejay purportedly was the admin of a previous scheme known as AdBonuz.

Skeptics immediately questioned the paralysis claim. The PP Blog cannot independently confirm the report that Beejay suddenly confronted a grave medical circumstance.

Parts of the report appear to conflict with one another. Although the claim was made that Beejay’s entire body was paralyzed, another part of the same report claims “he can move one finger and can speak a little but cannot write.”

The report was attributed to “his wife,” who purportedly sent out a text message to someone who’d been trying unsuccessfully for weeks to contact “Beejay.”

“His wife,” according to the report, “forbid him to work.”

Claims of sudden illnesses and medical emergencies inflicting “program” figures are common in the HYIP sphere. So are claims of violent windstorms affecting payouts or claims that an admin had to travel to attend a funeral or a wedding.

“Dengue fever” was a purported element in the JSSTripler 2 Ponzi-board fraud in 2012. JSS Tripler 2, which apparently stole its name from another Ponzi-board scam and hatched at least two other companion frauds (T2MoneyKlub and Compound 150), later disappeared.

A Massachusetts-based scam known as World Marketing Direct Selling (WMDS) and OneUniverseOnline (1UOL) and aimed at Cambodian immigrants blamed Hurricane Katrina for payout delays. In 2014, reports surfaced that a scheme whose admins went missing was affected by Typhoon Vongfong. This scheme was known as “BitcoinTrader.”

NOTE: Thanks to Eagle Research Associates for providing info for this story.

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5 Responses to “BRIEF: ‘Digadz’ Admin Reportedly ‘Paralyzed’”

  1. To clarify , Bejay’s real name is Songphon Phapatha
    he lives at:

    He is a serial ponzi operator, some of his work before Adbonuz ponzi:,

  2. Maybe now (previously incompetent) Thai authorities will pay attention to him as a fallout of UFUN scandal.

  3. NikSam:
    Maybe now (previously incompetent) Thai authorities will pay attention to him as a fallout of UFUN scandal.

    they probably are and that’s why he ‘had an accident’. he’s on the run

  4. We know that the admins of these Ponzi’s participate in each others Ponzi, as that’s how they pay most of their members their returns without having to dig into the money flowing into their program. Would not surprise me that BJ was a big player in UFunClub and that’s why he is in hiding.

  5. If he’s paralyzed how did he manage to hack my web app and steal all my bitcoin? This guys is a scammer and is desperate for $. Watch out