URGENT >> BULLETIN >> MOVING: Zeek Receiver Files Clawback Lawsuits Against Residents Of Brazil, Israel, France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands

breakingnews72URGENT >> BULLETIN >> MOVING: (10th Update 10:59 p.m. EDT U.S.A.) Zeek Rewards’ receiver Kenneth D. Bell has filed clawback lawsuits against alleged “winners” with addresses in Brazil, Israel, France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands.

The winners are alleged to have received illicit gains from Zeek’s Ponzi- and pyramid scheme. Alleged sums won range from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to eight complaints filed in U.S. District Court for the Western District of North Carolina.

The subheads below contain info on the alleged winners, where they live and how much they won.


Eduardo Borges de Aguiar, Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, $692,366.97. Username: “ZRBrasil.”

Denise Marchon Monteiro Bernardes, Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, $159,930.77. Username: “denisemarchon.”

Fernando Eneas Lessa, Rio de Janeiro, $121,768.53. Username: “ZRRioDeJaneiro.”

Luis Claudio Lima Trindade, Ananindeua, Para, $101,129.02. Username “convite.”

Hygson Assef Pereira da Rocha, Rio de Janeiro, $95,776.73. Username: “hygson.”

Edson Tadeu Tobias, Sao Paulo, $87,682.07. Username: “nabisart.”

Daniel Elias Neves, Praia Grande, Sao Paulo, $85,747.32. Username: “danielneves.”


Hagit Rockah, Rishon LeZion, $316,584.31. Username: “bsd.”

Jacob Stiner, Netanya, $184,120.22. Username: “steiner.”

Tzahi Rozental and Itzhak Harel, Rishon LeZion, $183,164.93. Username: “2000dollar.” “Upon information and belief, Rozental and Harel received payments from ZeekRewards under the name Itzhak Harel.”

Pnina Soraski, Beitar Illit, $181,881.12. Username: “pnina.”

Hava Lipcer, Beit She’an, $173,049.21. Username: “success180.”

Sigalit Rahat, Rishon LeZion, $169,053.14. Username: “sigalitrahat.”

Demyan Michaeli, Holon, $153,074.10. Username: “demyan.”

Erez Shaked, Tel Aviv, $98,352.27. Username: “Erezmora.”

Menahem Lipcer, Beit She’an, $69,907.85. Username: “sucess180M.”

Rivka Haimovitz, Jerusalem, $69,646.49. Username: “dynemic.”

Oshrit Marciano, Mevaseret Zion, $68,419.10o. Username: “oshritmarciano.”

Baruch Heyman, Jerusalem, $68,165.19. Username: “arrowhead.”

Shemuel Cohen, Akko, $67,066.64. Username: “muli.”

Ilan Doron, Kochav Yair, $54,472.84. Username: “ilandoron.”

Meshulam Shapira, Jerusalem, $53,219.36. Username: “bracha.”


Suzanna Dreyer, La Valettedu-Var, $446,613.38. Username: “InterestedPeople.” (Also see BehindMLM.com story on “GooBets,” plus these PP Blog stories: “GooBets,’ Cross-Border Fraud Scheme, Emerges” and “After Seeing Photos Of Its Players On ‘GooBets,’ National Basketball Association To Turn Matter Over To ‘Legal Department.”)


Nils Ove Marcelind, Torslanda, $131,051.06. Username: “spanien.”

Ola Persson, Orebro, $84,359.67. Username: “sunseeker.”

Rolf Ostlund, Gavle, $82,469.10. Username: “gate1.”

Lars Apelthun, Uppsala, $81,083.80. Username: “go2gate.”

Anders Brunnegard, Tvarred, $51,675.54. Username: “uniq.”


Eric Mortensen, Kastrup, $563,452.84. Username: “mysecretcircle.”

Joergen Stegler Lorentzen, Vestervig, Thisted, $64,610.97. Username: “Thybo.”

Leda Rasmussen, Copenhagen, $53,652.76. Username: “bmw4me2.”


Marit Kafurke, Scheessel, $161,981.95. Username: “turbolady.”

Frank Astheimer, Martinsthal, $146,740.05. Username: “goldteam.”

Yovanka Mirich, Dusseldorf, $58,905.93. Username: “europe1.”

Jan Wrobel, Weil am Rhein, $53,450.17. Username: “team.”


Michal Gach, Carrigaline, County Cork, $191,450.01. Username: “thebestrewards.”

Elena Avdeeva, Waterford, $126,221.45. Username: “brand.”

Vivian Akoh, Waterford, $102,670.75. Username: “greatauctions.”

Ngozi Nwamara, Waterford, $80,338.90. Username: “leadauctions.”

Ints Priekulis, Waterford, $77,330.24. Username: “in1.”

Kate Favour Iwuoma, Cork, $56,035.32. Username: “favourauctions.”

The Netherlands

Remco Boom, Delft, $103,695.82. Username: “oppsincome.”

Renze Deelstra, Aalsmeer, $68,787.17. Username: “turboteam2012.”

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  1. Receiver has dismissed the cases against the Brazilian and Irish defendants. This occurred “without prejudice,” meaning he can refile.

    This may be a service-of process-issue.

    Thanks to ASD Updates.