Meet Jeffrey A. Feldman, Purported ‘Insurance’ Provider For DFRF Enterprises And Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho

Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho and Jeffrey A. Feldman: Source: DFRF Enterprises' pitch on YouTube.

Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho (left) and Jeffrey A. Feldman: Source: DFRF Enterprises’ pitch on YouTube.

As the PP Blog reported late yesterday, a federal warrant for the arrest of alleged DFRF Enterprises’ Ponzi- and pyramid figure Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho has been issued. The FBI has brought a criminal charge of wire fraud against Filho, 47, a citizen of Brazil who has lived in the United States. The SEC lists an address for him in Winter Garden, Fla.

One of Filho’s co-defendants in the SEC’s civil case filed late last month is Jeffrey A. Feldman, 56, of Boca Raton, Fla. Among other things, the SEC alleged that Feldman “is the sole officer and director of Universal Marketing Group, Inc., a Florida corporation.

“He claims to be the U.S. representative of Accedium Insurance Company (“Accedium”), which is based in Barbados and London,” the SEC continued. “In July 2007, he filed for personal bankruptcy. In 1998, he was found guilty of fraud and forgery for having received $2.5 million in premiums from a rental car chain for insurance policies that he did not actually obtain. In 1996, the state of Florida revoked his license to sell insurance after he pleaded no contest to charges that he submitted false insurance claims for losses he supposedly suffered from Hurricane Andrew. He has made materially false and misleading statements about DFRF in public meetings and videos posted on the internet.”

JeffreyAFeldman551606Florida state records show that Feldman served time in a Florida prison between Dec. 28, 1998, and March 2, 2001, on charges of fraud and theft. The 2001 photo at the right, sourced from the Florida Department of Corrections, is his mugshot.

A June 24, 1993, story in the Lakeland Ledger reported that Florida state agents accused Feldman of faking “at least 15 clothing receipts from high-class stores for $76,661 and [turning] them in as part of his homeowner’s claim” after Hurricane Andrew.

One of the ways DFRF duped investors, according to both the SEC and the FBI, was to make them believe their money was insured through the Accedium firm. In an FBI affidavit, the agency described two alleged co-conspirators. One of them appears to be Feldman, referenced as “CC-2.”

From the FBI affidavit (italics added):

Bank records reviewed to date indicate that no money has been paid to any entity by the name of Accedium, the company that allegedly insured investments in DFRF. In a December 8, 2014 DFRF video, which was posted on the internet, an individual identified herein as Co-Conspirator 2 (“CC-2”) was identified as an “insurance executive,” and described as “the person responsible for the insurance company.” In a subsequent DFRF video, posted on the internet on December 10, 2014, FILHO represented that DFRF obtained its Accedium insurance through CC-2. CC-2’s license to sell insurance, however, was revoked in 1996.

The screen shot at the top of this story showing Filho and Feldman is from a YouTube video dated Dec. 8, 2014.

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