Spanish Police Bust ‘Unete’, AKA ‘Unetenet’; Thousands Allegedly Victimized In Digital-Currency Pyramid Scam Operated By ‘Criminal Organization’

breakingnews72UPDATED 11:15 P.M. EDT U.S.A. Still pushing UFunClub (or Unascos) and absurd propositions such as UToken? Follow the narrative of the Spanish National Police and see if it reminds you of anything you’ve heard before. Any number of digital-currency scams currently are fleecing people globally.

Indeed, National Police have announced the arrests of 20 individuals and the seizure of millions of dollars after an investigation into a purported digital currency known as unete or unetes offered through a “program” known as “Unetenet.”

Here is a Google translation from Spanish to English of a news release issued by the National Police. Here is the original in Spanish.

From the English translation (italics added/no editing performed):

National Police agents have broken up an alleged criminal organization specialized in the commission of massive fraud by the method of the “pyramid schemes”. The group had obtained more than 50 million euros through scams 50,000 people, 6,000 of them located in Spain. After more than year and a half of investigation, agents were able to confirm the existence a company that captured his victims through publicity events, as events in luxury hotels, promotional videos or educational talks and offered them extra income quickly inserting ads company network. Money that was developed by the company in a con artist invented virtual currency, I really had no value, and thus impossible to recoup their investments.

Arrests were made in Madrid, Valencia, Malaga, Seville, Langreo, Alicante and Arrecife (Las Palmas), police said.

El Pais, the Spanish newspaper, reported last month that the currency was devised by Spaniard José Manuel Ramírez Marco. The publication carried a photo of Marco posing in front of a building dubbed “Dubai Internet City.”

Any number of recent schemes have claimed ties in Dubai.

Authorities investigating unete got a break when a former employee of the company filed a complaint, apparently at the Interior Attaché in Bolivia. Complaints also came in from various parts of Spain, police said.

In a money-laundering probe, police seized at least 18 computers, hard drives and CPUs, three tablets, “numerous documents related to fraud and money laundering,” 15,505 euros and two luxury cars.

“In addition, an account has been locked in Latvia with millions of US dollars [possibly $22 million or $27 million], plus Canadian dollars, British pounds [presumptively] and Australian dollars.

Also see report on Unascos at

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