BULLETIN: Name Of Herbalife Refugee Anthony Powell Surfaces In Vemma Pyramid-Scheme Case

breakingnews7252ND UPDATE 4:16 P.M. EDT U.S.A. Former Herbalife President’s Team member Anthony Powell is referenced in a report by the court-appointed receiver in the Vemma pyramid-scheme case filed by the FTC last month.

The mention is potentially embarrassing to the MLM trade, which has a reputation for recruiters dragging financially strapped prospects from scheme to scheme.

Powell, an MLM recruiter,  joined Vemma after leaving Herbalife in 2013 and has been a subject of scorn by activist-investor and Herbalife short-seller Bill Ackman. Herbalife is under investigation by the FTC.  Ackman has claimed since 2012 that Herbalife is a pyramid scheme.

With the FTC calling Vemma a pyramid scheme, Vemma receiver Robb Evans says a firm operated by Powell was the subject of at least 16 complaints to Vemma and that Vemma appears disingenuously to have tried to distance itself from Powell.

At least one such complaint about Global Pro Systems or GPS — the Powell firm — was submitted to the Arizona Attorney General, according to the report by Evans.

Trying to play dumb about Powell could constitute a material misrepresentation by Vemma, the receiver opines.

From the receiver’s report dated Sept. 4 (carriage returns added/formatting may not be precise):

The Temporary Receiver has made reference to GPS several times in this report. The Temporary Receiver located a document at the premises that stated GPS is operated by Anthony Powell. In a letter to the Arizona Attorney General dated August 29, 2013 wherein the Field Compliance Manager attempted to distance themselves from GPS by stating that, “Global Pro Systems is not owned or operated by Vemma Nutrition Company or BK Boreyko.”

Similar statements were made by the company in all of the responses sent to the Arizona Attorney General and the Arizona BBB regarding complaints that also involved GPS. While these statements on their face are true and may not be a misrepresentation, they are not completely forthcoming. In an email communication from the field compliance
manager to the BBB, the company stated, “Unfortunately, since Global Pro Systems (GPS) is not owned or operated by Vemma Nutrition Company or BK Boreyko, we do not have any control over their marketing tactics (emphasis added).”

The Temporary Receiver has determined that Anthony Powell is in fact a Star Ambassador with Vemma. Assuming Mr. Powell had to sign an Affiliate Agreement like every other Affiliate, he and his business practices would be subject to the same terms and conditions as any other Affiliate. The company made a material misrepresentation when they claimed that they had no control over GPS’ marketing tactics.

The Temporary Receiver also viewed a video posted by the company showing the defendant, Boreyko personally welcoming Anthony Powell to Vemma. Anthony Powell claims that he made millions with Herbalife and decided to bring his team to Vemma. The video indicated that Mr. Powell was a Star Ambassador. The Temporary Receiver is not aware of any disciplinary action taken against Mr. Powell or any of the other Affiliates associated with GPS. This would indicate that the most successful Affiliates are not subject to the same level of scrutiny as the less successful Affiliates.

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  1. Clawbacks in the future?

    “The Temporary Receiver intends to evaluate what claims, if any, may exist against highly compensated Affiliates,” receiver Robb Evans says in his report.