UNHAPPY MOTORIST TO DEPUTY: ‘No Wonder You People Get Shot’

From Facebook video posted by Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

From Facebook video posted by Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

On Sept. 1, a deputy from the Aggressive Driving Unit of the Palm Beach County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office ticketed a woman for going 51 MPH in a 20-MPH School zone, the Sheriff’s Office said. The traffic stop was recorded on the deputy’s dashcam.

“No wonder you people get shot,” the woman told the deputy who ticketed her for going 31 MPH over the speed limit near an elementary school. “You’re absolute assholes.”

The deputy maintained his calm.

NBC Miami reports the ticket was for $606. The woman can request a hearing.

Showing a police presence in school zones is a tradition in American law enforcement, perhaps particularly at the beginning of a new school year. Motorists near the stop almost certainly will know why it occurred and will pay closer attention to their speedometers.

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