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REPORT: Vemma Europe Ltd. In ‘Provisional Liquidation’

REPORT: Vemma Europe Ltd. In 'Provisional Liquidation'

3RD UPDATE 4:11 P.M. EDT U.S.A. There is a Twitter report in Spanish dated today that Vemma Europe Limited has been put in “provisional liquidation” and that the High Court of Ireland has appointed a provisional liquidator to verify claims. The PP Blog has observed a message on a domain that identifies the provisional liquidator as […]

PICTURE STORY: Attempted Candle-Snuffing

PICTURE STORY: Attempted Candle-Snuffing

The PP Blog writes about Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, securities fraud, cross-border scams (transnational crime) and issues pertaining to economic and national security. This Blog has been here for you since 2008, through 2,738 articles. The graphic below shows blocked malicious login attempts here over just the past small handful of months. Be it random bots […]