REMINDER: Claims-Filing Deadline In WCM777 Ponzi- And Pyramid Case Is Nov. 9

wcm777Take note: Victims of the WCM777 MLM “program” must file a claim by Monday, Nov. 9, a little more than three weeks from today.

The website of WCM777 receiver Krista L. Freitag now includes a countdown timer to the filing deadline. At the time of this post, only 23 days remain to file claims.

This is the URL of the receiver’s site:

This is the URL of the site to file claims:

Among the defendant companies, affiliated entities or receivership entities are World Capital Market, Inc.; WCM777, Inc.; WCM777 Ltd (d/b/a WCM777 Enterprises, Inc.); Kingdom Capital Market, LLC; Manna Holding Group, LLC; Manna Source International, Inc.; WCM Resources, Inc.; To Pacific, Inc.; and ToPacific, Inc.

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