BOOKMARK FOR ZEEKERS: Lawyer For Alleged Ponzi Winners Now Has Website And Has Posted Documents

Whether you’re an alleged Zeek “winner” or a “loser” hoping the court will force the return of tens of millions of dollars in gains, this is one to bookmark:

It’s the website of J. Kevin Edmundson, the lawyer appointed by the court in essence to defend thousands of alleged Zeek Rewards winners sued by court-appointed receiver Kenneth D. Bell. In a Nov. 5 announcement on the receivership page, Bell himself pointed his litigation opponents to the site.

“As instructed by the Court, Mr. Edmundson will be communicating with the Net Winner Class primarily through a website and collective emails,” Bell wrote.

Bell alleges the winnings are Ponzi proceeds and thus must be returned. Any number of Zeekers hope to keep the alleged gains.

The case is known as Bell v. Disner. Disner is Todd Disner, an alleged pitchman for both Zeek and the AdSurfDaily Ponzi scheme in 2008. The winner’s site includes an FAQ’s section, copies of court filings and more.

“Class counsel has established this website as the primary means of communicating with members of the class,” Edmundson notes on the site. “Please check back frequently for updates as new information becomes available.”

U.S. District Judge Graham C. Mullen certified the defendant class earlier this year.

As the PP Blog reported in March (italics added):

What once was only theoretical in the context of MLM HYIP schemes — that a receiver appointed by a court could simultaneously sue thousands of “winners” from disparate locations for return of funds received from an alleged Ponzi or pyramid scheme — is now a reality.

This reality was cemented [March 17] by the posting of a “Notice of Certification of Defendant Class Action” by Zeek Rewards receiver Kenneth D. Bell. The four-page document is posted on the receivership website.

Bell is suing more than 9,000 individuals in the United States alleged to have received more than $1,000 from the “program.”


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