‘BidsThatGive’ Operator Listed As Oregon’s Biggest Tax Scofflaw

Randall Jeffers in a pitch for BidsThatGive. From the PP Blog archives, July 2012.

Randall Jeffers in a pitch for BidsThatGive. From the PP Blog archives, July 2012.

UPDATED 12:41 P.M. ET U.S.A. Remember “BidsThatGive,” the bizarre auction “program” linked to MLM huckster Randall Jeffers that surfaced just prior to the spectacular collapse of Zeek Rewards in 2012 amid Ponzi-scheme allegations?

Among other things, BidsThatGive was notable for reckless name-dropping and claiming it existed to feed children and prevent them from becoming sex slaves. The then-upstart commandeered the names of Chelsea Clinton, presidential adviser Doug Wead and NBC News anchor Lester Holt — all while soliciting $25,000 in “certified funds” from purported “founders” and promising “Presidential Ambassadors” they could qualify for an”Exotic Car, Yacht, RV or Home.”

One promo for BTG, as it was known, promised that that the “opportunity’s” most successful distributors would receive an “orphanage in your name.”

From the 2012 BTG promo, as reported by the PP Blog (italics added):

“ . . . what we do is we take a quarter-million dollars out of the company’s profit, right? It’s not coming out of your pocket; it comes out of the company profit, and we’re going to establish an orphanage in your name. So, that’s your little slice of heaven. You don’t have to manage it or run it. We’ll put some cameras up and you can see the kids that you actually pretty much saved their life, and that’s just an emotional reward for you, as well as all the monetary things that you’ve already earned.”

Nevada has revoked the business registrations of BidsThat Give and a related company known as BTG180.

And now, according to a Feb. 25 story in the Oregonian that cites state records, Randall Jeffers is Oregon’s biggest individual tax scofflaw, owing more than $3.8 million in personal income tax.

BTG, meanwhile, has carded an “F” from the Better Business Bureau.

In 2014, Jeffers was a plaintiff in a trademark-infringement case that named Zeek figure Robert Craddock a defendant and accused him of engaging in a “shake down” bid against BTG affiliates.

In an unrelated matter, Craddock later was charged and convicted of scamming the Deepwater Horizon oil-spill fund of more than $100,000.

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  1. I was looking through Jeffer’s stint in OK court. It says that a judgement was rendered in 2000 with permanent injunction, then a note in 2003 that the case was dismissed. What exactly does that mean?

    http://www.securities.ok.gov/Enforcement/Orders/OrdersDisplayPDF.asp?LinkAddress=Ren_Judgment.pdf&FileNo=98-196 (then click “See all for this case”)_