Second Guilty Plea From Purported JAG Lawyer Linked To SVM Global Initiative

svmThe docket of of New York’s Kings Supreme Court (Brooklyn) shows that Kenneth Goldstein has pleaded guilty to a charge of unlicensed practice of law and a charge of offering a false instrument for filing.

Goldstein, a purported JAG lawyer and figure in the SVM Global Initiative story, earlier pleaded guilty to the same charges in a separate case in Bronx County. The case in Kings County notes a plea agreement. Separate charges of aggravated harassment against Goldstein in Bronx County remain unresolved, according to the docket.

Sentencing on the unlicensed practice and false instrument charges in Kings County tentatively is set for June 8. Goldstein, free on bond, next is scheduled to appear June 14 on both sets of charges in Bronx County. The Bronx docket suggests sentencing on the unlicensed practice and false-instrument charges there was postponed in March.

SVM is operated by New Yorker Sheila V. Tabarsi, who once claimed that the “Bush administration” was involved in an “effort to dismantle this world economy” and that the effort has been “so concentrated” and “so diligent.” She has described herself as a former Air Force member, a medical intuitive, a psychic and a “Rev.” In turn, she has described Goldstein as a “USCG JAG OFFICER” and as “LIEUTENANT COMMANDER KENNETH GOLDSTEIN.”

Published reports have described Goldstein as a former Coast Guard petty officer.

After more than a year, SVM appears still not to have launched its purported matrix “program” to end poverty.

In April 2015, the PP Blog reported that “sovereign citizens” might be involved in SVM and other online “programs,” including UFunClub. UFunClub is the subject of a major investigation in Thailand.

At one point in 2015, Tabarsi described the PP Blog as part of a terrorist organization that sought to “INCITE A RIOT and commit unprovoked ATTACKS on DECORATED UNITED STATES WARTIME VETERANS” and additionally carry out a “HATE CRIME.”

Goldstein has claimed to the PP Blog that Tabarsi “already presented her business plan to a senatorial body and has their seal of approval.”

NOTE: Also see BehindMLM’s 2015 review of SVM and the MLM Skeptic Blog: “Is a Scam Targeting Veterans ‘to end poverty’ citing a FAKE JAG lawyer?”

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