BRIEF: Get Prepared To File TelexFree Claims

Good news for potentially hundreds of thousands of people with TelexFree claims. TelexFree bankruptcy Trustee Stephen B. Darr informed Chief Judge Melvin S. Hoffman yesterday that testing could begin this month on the electronic proof of claim form (ePOC) and the online claims portal administered by BMC Group Inc.

If all goes well, the “ePOC and Portal will be up and running by early May 2016,” Darr noted.

No formal opening date has been announced. When the system is in place, individuals will have at least 90 days to file claims.

This is the section of the Trustee’s website that includes court filings in the bankruptcy case. Readers also may wish to view information contained within the tabs on the left side of the page. This is the tab for Information Regarding Claims.

As of today, it notes that “There is no deadline yet for filing claims in the TelexFree cases and claims should not be filed at this time.”

Darr’s status report to Hoffman yesterday suggested this could change in the coming weeks, so it’s time for claimants to prepare.

Hoffman already has ruled TelexFree a Ponzi- and pyramid scheme.

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