‘Guaranteed50KIn30Days’ Was ‘Pyramid Promotion Scheme’: Nebraska Attorney General

guaranteed50k“Guaranteed50KIn30Days” and associated programs were “pyramid promotion schemes” that depended on recruitment rather than product sales to “ultimate-user consumers,” investigators from the office of Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson said today.

The PP Blog wrote about the schemes in July 2013 — in part because they were being pushed by affiliates who also pushed the Profitable Sunrise scam. Profitable Sunrise was aimed at Christians and caused massive, cross-border losses.

From Peterson’s office (italics added):

Today, Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson announced a settlement with Gage County based B & B Communications, Inc. and its principals, resolving an investigation which focused on the alleged operation of multiple pyramid schemes, through websites such as 2x2successteam.com, financialfitnessclub.com (formerly guaranteed50kin30days.com), ffcbridge.com, privatemillionairesclub.com, bandbonlineads.com (formerly onlineweathteam.com), and bandbsuccessclub.com.

The settlement has three main components requiring B & B Communications, et al. to comply with multiple assurances regarding future conduct, make a payment of approximately $11,000 for consumer restitution to Nebraska consumers, and make a $15,000 payment to the State.  Consumers who qualify for restitution will be notified by the Attorney General’s Office in the near future. 

Respondents included B & B Communications, Brian Barnhouse of Beatrice, Neb., and Steve Borgman of Whymore, Neb. Barnhouse and Borgman were B & B principals.

Websites included 2X2SuccessTeam.com, FinancialFitnessClub.com (formerly Guaranteed50KIn30Days.com), FFCBridge.com, PrivateMillionairesClub.com, BAndBOnlineAds.com and BAndBSuccessClub.com.

The respondents denied the state’s allegations, according to an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance.

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