Traffic Monsoon Apologist Declares ‘Revenue Shares Matter’ Campaign With ‘RIOT’ As Slogan

revsharesmattersmallA former pitchman for the Traffic Monsoon “program” declared a Ponzi scheme by the SEC is using Facebook to promote a “Revenue Shares Matter Campaign.”

This is occurring against the backdrop of three nights of civil unrest in Charlotte, N.C., after a police shooting of an African American man.

The purported Revenue Shares Matter campaign, which appears to be trading on a theme popularized by the Black Lives Matter movement after a series of police shootings of African Americans, apparently began today. The purported campaign was announced through a Facebook account in the name of Jose Nunes.

Black Lives Matter did not respond immediately to a request for comment on whether it was concerned its message could be diluted by the Revenue Shares Matter campaign.

As part of the Revenue Shares Matter campaign, a flame-filled graphic appears to urge members of similar revshare schemes to “RIOT.”

It is not unusual for HYIP defenders to come up with harebrained PR campaigns or sales pitches. A particularly memorable one occurred in 2013, when recruiters associated with the alleged TelexFree Ponzi scheme spammed a funeral notice.

At least one poster on Facebook already has raised concerns about the Revenue Shares Matter campaign.

“Jose, I think you may well that some people will find this post and caption is in bad taste and may be deemed highly offensive to many people who support and believe in the BLM movement,” the poster wrote.

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  1. None of these super promoters ever consider anyone else but themselves. It’s all about them, and they have blinders on when it comes to the real world around them. When you point it out, they get offended that you pointed it out they were inconsiderate of others and their feelings.