Expects Accessibility Issue To Be Resolved Dec. 10

We’ve received inquiries about why some readers have not been able to access

Oz, the editor there, has reported on the site that the ETA for a fix is Dec. 10. Hosting issues began several days ago.

Although not all readers have been able to access the site, Oz has posted some updates on the hosting issue, as well as some new stories.

As a temporary measure, readers who can’t access the site may be able to do so through Google cache. We accessed the content by typing “behindmlm” into the location bar on Google Chrome and selecting “Cached” from under the triangle in the top Google search result.

Here’s a screen shot of how to do that:


To access the cache of a story, find the headline of the story in the cached copy of the BehindMLM landing page. Copy the headline into Google search and press Enter. If the story is indexed, you should be able to see it in the search results. Select “Cached” (as above) if Google can’t deliver you to the page.

Best to you. Oz.

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