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Surf’s Up: ‘Paperless Access’ Misrepresented Itself To Bowdoin

Surf's Up: 'Paperless Access' Misrepresented Itself To Bowdoin

Upstart surfing company Paperless Access “was not accurately presented” to Andy Bowdoin, who made the decision to ask the company to remove a video that starred Bowdoin, a Mod at the Pro-ASD Surf’s Up forum reported tonight. The Mod said Paperless Access had been banned as a topic for forum discussion, advising members that, if […]

Sign Of The Apocalypse? Surf Sites Removed sites by David Courtney that promoted autosurfs have been taken offline without explanation. It is unclear if the removal is permanent, but sites for MegaLido, AdGateWorld and BizAdSplash went offline last night and remain offline this morning. “This social network has been taken offline by its owner,” each site said. “It’s likely that the […]

Aggero Investment Surf In Slow-Mo Tank On Heels Of Earlier Failure Of Premium Ads Club: Bad Week For ‘Industry’

Earlier this week we reported on the failure of Premium Ads Club (PAC). Now a surf with close ties to PAC is in its death spiral. Aggero Investment says tomorrow will be its last day, absent a miracle that will prevent a run on the bank as investors race to collect returns advertised at 60 […]