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Sign Of The Apocalypse? Surf Sites Removed sites by David Courtney that promoted autosurfs have been taken offline without explanation. It is unclear if the removal is permanent, but sites for MegaLido, AdGateWorld and BizAdSplash went offline last night and remain offline this morning. “This social network has been taken offline by its owner,” each site said. “It’s likely that the […]

When Words Fail: ‘Stunning’ Can’t Describe ASD Disconnect

When Words Fail: 'Stunning' Can't Describe ASD Disconnect

The level of disconnect is stunning — and it is accompanied by a level of brazenness that is equally stunning. In fact, stunning understates it; it is more like an unapologetic, myopic commitment to felonious self-indulgence. But what would you expect from a group whose motto is “ASD — Keep Fighting The Good Fight!” There […]