Charles A. Murray

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BREAKING NEWS: Judge Orders Bowdoin To Show Cause Or Face Consent To Forfeiture Of Tens Of Millions Of Dollars

A federal judge has ordered Andy Bowdoin, AdSurfDaily Inc. and Bowdoin/Harris Enterprises Inc. to show cause by Aug. 7 why a series of motions filed by Bowdoin as a pro se litigant should not be denied. Judge Rosemary Collyer noted in the order that Charles A. Murray, a paid attorney Bowdoin had hired after Bowdoin […]

BREAKING NEWS: ASD’s New Attorney Seeks To Withdraw Bowdoin’s Pro Se Motion To Rescind His Decision To Submit To Forfeiture And File Anew: Will Case Slow To A Crawl?

On Feb. 27, ASD President Andy Bowdoin — acting as his own attorney — filed a motion to rescind a decision he made in January to submit to the forfeiture of tens of millions of dollars and real estate seized by the government in a wire fraud, money-laundering and Ponzi scheme investigation. Federal prosecutors, on […]