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Surf’s Up Mods Have High Positions In AdViewGlobal

Four moderators at the Pro-AdSurfDaily Surf’s Up forum hold high positions in the AdViewGlobal autosurf or have a spouse who does, according to AVG’s website. AVG launched in the aftermath of the seizure of tens of millions of dollars last year from ASD, a Florida company federal prosecutors said was engaged in wire fraud, money-laundering […]

DEVELOPING STORY: AdViewGlobal ‘Compliance’ Employee Sued Twice Last Year For Noncompliance With Federal Law

A Florida man identified as a “Compliance” employee of the AdViewGlobal (AVG) autosurf was sued twice last year for not complying with federal laws in a business he owns. Gerald Castor and his company, 1st Credit Solutions LLC of Bradenton, Fla., settled one of the cases last month. The lawsuit was brought in June 2008 […]

BREAKING NEWS: KINGZ Capital Management Corp. Denies Any Ties To AdViewGlobal Autosurf, Launches Investigation Into AVG Wire Claim; Says Attorneys Are Monitoring Situation

UPDATED 2:59 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) Claims by the AdViewGlobal (AVG) autosurf that KINGZ Capital Management Corp. is aiding AVG in offshore wire transfers are false, and KINGZ has launched an investigation, the company’s top executive said in an interview this morning. “Nothing has ever been accepted from [AVG], nothing has been — and nothing will […]

In Vague Claim, AVG Says Bank Problem Being ‘Rectified’

In yet another vague claim, AdViewGlobal (AVG) said a problem that resulted in the suspension of its bank account is being “rectified.” AVG did not describe how the problem was being solved. Nor did it provide a date by which it expected the problem to be solved. Instead, under a three-exclamation point headline of, “AVGA […]