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An AdSurfDaily Imponderable: ‘Ad-Packs’ As Currency

All sorts of incongruities dot the AdSurfDaily landscape. Perhaps none is odder than this: Some ASD members say currency issued by the U.S. government is fraudulent, that the Federal Reserve is a fraud, that Federal Reserve Notes are a sham and not “money” because gold and silver coins are the only real money — and […]

DEVELOPING STORY: Sheriff’s Department, Deputy, County Attorney Sued For Not Accepting Bids In Gold And Silver At Foreclosure Sale In Pennsylvania

EDITOR’S NOTE: We previously have reported that some members of AdSurfDaily Inc. and AdViewGlobal are part of a subculture that views the Federal Reserve and banking in general as illicit operations. Some members, for example, have been involved in the credit-repair industry and have been parties in lawsuits against the government and/or individual banks and […]