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‘GooBets,’ Cross-Border Fraud Scheme, Emerges

'GooBets,' Cross-Border Fraud Scheme, Emerges

2ND UPDATE 2:19 P.M. EDT U.S.A. A “program” known as “GooBets” that appears to be targeting speakers of Portuguese and English has emerged. broke the news this morning. After observing the GooBets site, the PP Blog sought comment from the National Football League and the National Basketball Association. That’s because GooBets is using the […]

‘NewGNI,’ Apparent Knockoff HYIP Scam Promoted By Zeek And ‘Profitable Sunrise’ Cheerleader ‘Ken Russo,’ Appears To Have Collapsed

'NewGNI,' Apparent Knockoff HYIP Scam Promoted By Zeek And 'Profitable Sunrise' Cheerleader 'Ken Russo,' Appears To Have Collapsed

The website of “NewGNI” has not resolved to a server for days. The “program” is believed to have been a knockoff of a predecessor scam known as “GNI” or GoldNuggetInvest, which collapsed in early 2010 after being promoted by members of the AdSurfDaily Ponzi scheme. The collapse of the original GNI was about as bizarre […]