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2 Purported Maryland ‘Sovereign Citizens’ Charged In Earlier Alleged Scam Now Charged In Different County In New Alleged Scam

Seven purported “sovereign citizens” illegally squatted in a Waldorf home and have been charged in Charles County with burglary, authorities said. Two of the “sovereigns” earlier were charged with doing the same thing in a Montgomery County home, is reporting. Also see June 8 PP Blog report on incident in Montgomery County. View more […]

Police Release Photo Of Purported ‘Moorish Nation’ Burglary Suspect In Maryland

Police Release Photo Of Purported 'Moorish Nation' Burglary Suspect In Maryland

The Montgomery County Police Department (Maryland) has released a photo of an alleged suspect who may be part of a bizarre crime linked to purported members of the purported “Moorish Nation.” Individuals who purport to be “Moorish Americans” or “Moorish nationals” have been linked to plots to steal real estate in multiple U.S. states. News […]