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MegaLido: Is There An ‘’ Tie?

MegaLido: Is There An '' Tie?

In the weeks following the seizure of cash and property linked to AdSurfDaily Inc., some former members of ASD turned their attention to promoting MegaLido. MegaLido was pushed as a safe, offshore alternative to ASD and Golden Panda, and a way to make up ASD/Golden Panda losses that stemmed from the government seizure of cash […]

Roster: Are These Autosurfs In Litigation? Troubled?

Roster: Are These Autosurfs In Litigation? Troubled?

Back in August we began to cover AdSurfDaily Inc., a Florida company accused of being an illegal enterprise. Federal prosecutors said ASD, an autosurf, was selling unregistered securities by calling itself an “advertising” company and running a $100 million Ponzi scheme. A sister site, LaFuenteDinero, was named in the same federal forfeiture complaint. So was […]

MegaLido Members Take A Pounding

Reports online suggest MegaLido members are receving paltry refunds of less than 10 percent from the payment processors they used to fund their MegaLido accounts The precise percentage of the refunds is unclear. What is clear is that MegaLido is yet another autosurf that went bust. MegaLido was widely promoted by members of AdSurfDaily in […]

DailyProfitPond: Another Autosurf Offline

Members of an autosurf known as DailyProfitPond are reporting the website is offline and that they fear they’ve lost their money. DailyProfitPond is yet another autosurf that launched in the wake of the August seizure of tens of millions of dollars and real estate linked to Andy Bowdoin’s AdSurfDaily, also known as ASD Cash Generator. […]

MegaLido Autosurf, Pushed By ASD Members, Vanishes

We’ve written previously that members of an autosurf known as MegaLido had reported their support requests had been ignored and they they were seeking refunds from AlertPay and SolidTrustPay. MegaLido members now say the site itself has gone offline.  The paid-to-surf site rose to prominence in the weeks after the government seizure of AdSurfDaily’s assets, […]