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UPDATE: ‘OneX’ Site Has Been Down For Days

UPDATE: 'OneX' Site Has Been Down For Days

Retooling as it hatches a plan to launch anew? Huddling with its mysterious lawyer because the U.S. Department of Justice called it a “fraudulent scheme” and “pyramid” pushed by an accused felon awaiting trial in his Ponzi scheme case? The website of “OneX” has been displaying an “under maintenance” message for days. The development occurs […]

AdSurfDaily: Checking The Conventional Wisdom

AdSurfDaily: Checking The Conventional Wisdom

One of the theories about ASD President Andy Bowdoin’s recent series of pro se legal filings in the August civil-forfeiture case is that he is trying to stave the filing of criminal charges by slowing the civil case to a crawl. Could it be true? Sure. Bowdoin’s pro se pleadings, however, also could be a […]

‘Paperless Access’ Video Release, Removal Coincided With Issuance Of Second Summons To Bowdoin, Garner, Busby

News that a federal court had issued a second summons to ASD President Andy Bowdoin, ASD attorney Robert Garner and Golden Panda Ad Builder President Clarence Busby to notify them they’d been named defendants in a racketeering lawsuit broke on March 19. On the same date — March 19 — a video for upstart surf […]

BREAKING NEWS: First ‘Paperless Access’ Used Andy Bowdoin In Video Pitch; Company Now Insults Members In Email Pitch

BREAKING NEWS: First 'Paperless Access' Used Andy Bowdoin In Video Pitch; Company Now Insults Members In Email Pitch

UPDATED 12:29 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) The controversial video from upstart surf company Paperless Access starring Andy Bowdoin went missing after enraging ASD Members, and now the firm is insulting members in brand-new ways. In yet another impossibly butchered communication from the surf world, Paperless Access said it wanted ASD’s top downline  sponsors to make back […]

Bowdoin’s ‘Paperless Access’ Video Removed From Site

UPDATE 11:16 A.M. EDT (March 26, U.S.A. See bottom of post and see Comments.) A video starring Andy Bowdoin that enraged some members of AdSurfDaily has been removed from its sponsor’s site. The video formerly was at this URL. No explanation for the removal appears at the site. Bowdoin pitched a new surf site called […]

‘Paperless Access’ Video May Seal Bowdoin’s Slide Into Infamy

'Paperless Access' Video May Seal Bowdoin's Slide Into Infamy

UPDATED 10:45 A.M. EDT (U.S.A.) History may record that ASD President Andy Bowdoin’s final slide into infamy began last week with the release of a video for Paperless Access, a new surf company. Some ASD members, including members of the Pro-ASD Surf’s Up forum, reacted with anger and horror. Surf’s Up predictably went into damage-control […]

BREAKING NEWS: ‘PaperlessAccess’ Web Files Mirror ASD

BREAKING NEWS: 'PaperlessAccess' Web Files Mirror ASD

A web page in Google cache from March 12, 2009, that shows information about a new surf program known as Paperless Access is identical in places to a June 16, 2007, archived page for ASD Cash Generator. ASD President Andy Bowdoin introduced members to Paperless Access in a video two days ago, saying the company […]

Members Criticize Bowdoin’s ‘PaperlessAccess’ Video; Some Surf’s Up Posters Say Enough Is Enough

Members Criticize Bowdoin's 'PaperlessAccess' Video; Some Surf's Up Posters Say Enough Is Enough

UPDATED 12:15 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) AdSurfDaily Inc. President Andy Bowdoin once had members eating out of his hand, but his faithful flock now appears to be splintering. Helping drive Bowdoin’s fall from grace is a video in which he positions “Paperless Access,” a  company that appears to use a surf model, as a way ASD […]