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Payza/OboPay Investigation Continues

The office of U.S. Attorney Channing D. Phillips of the District of Columbia originally anticipated making an announcement about a criminal investigation involving the Payza and OboPay payment processors “shortly” after Jan. 22. On Feb. 10, however, prosecutors updated their Victim/Witness site to say they now do not expect to make an announcement until “shortly” […]

UPDATE: Feds Intervened After Payza Sued Obopay

UPDATE: Feds Intervened After Payza Sued Obopay

As the PP Blog reported Oct. 19, federal prosecutors have opened a criminal probe involving Obopay and Payza and successfully asked a federal judge to pause┬ácivil litigation involving both payment-processing companies. The Blog is reporting today that federal prosecutors in the Northern District of California and the District of Columbia specifically intervened in a lawsuit […]