Narc That Car President Fidgets, Struggles Through Lengthy Fox 4 News Interview In Dallas; Confirms That Members Who Don’t Recruit Make $5 A Month And Will Not Break Even For Nearly Two Years

EDITOR’S NOTE: At the bottom of this post you’ll find links to the Fox 4 News website in Dallas-Fort Worth. We recommend you watch the video of the main report on Narc That Car broadcast by the station, and also the videos of a sit-down interview with Narc President Jacques Johnson. The interview was eminently fair, and yet the pyramid concerns remain . . .

Narc That Car President Jacques Johnson confirmed yesterday in an interview broadcast by Fox 4 News in Dallas-Fort Worth that members who enter license-plate numbers into the company’s database but do not recruit are paid only $5 a month — 50 cents per plate.

Narc That Car also is known as Crowd Sourcing International or CSI. Narc limits its data-gatherers to entering only 10 plates per month.

Fox outlets in Atlanta, Los Angeles and Dallas now have broadcast reports about Narc. Despite being given access to the airwaves, no Narc representative or official — including Johnson — has been able to lay to rest questions about whether the company is operating a pyramid scheme.

Johnson struggled in the lengthy Fox 4 News interview when trying to explain why Narc limits members to recording only 10 plates a month if its aim is to build a well-populated, viable database that would be appealing to clients willing to pay a fee for the information.

As has been the case in its previous encounters with the media, Narc’s explanations left more questions than answers. Despite being given ample air time by Fox 4, Johnson still left the pyramid concerns on the table by confirming there is virtually no way to make money in Narc if a member does not recruit other members and by declining to name Narc’s clients for its database product.

Johnson agreed with reporter Steve Noviello that it would take a Narc member not interested in recruiting 20 months — nearly two years — just to break even. Narc charges members a one-time, $100, up-front fee to join the program, which has a “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

If a nonrecruiting member chose to pay Narc an optional $24.95 a month for a website on top of the $100 sign-up fee, the costs of belonging to the program never could be retired because paying Narc the fee would carry with it a built-in loss of $19.95 a month even if the member stayed with Narc long enough to retire the up-front fee, according to the Fox 4 report.

Even if such a member opts not to pay for a website, the minimum amount of time it would take for the member to retire the $100 fee is about 600 days because of the 10-plate-per-month limit. According to the math of the program, such a nonrecruiting member would earn an average of about 16.66 cents per day.

Johnson struggled throughout the interview to explain basic claims about the Narc program. The Fox 4 package includes multiple parts, including a lengthy interview with Johnson divided into four parts. (See the link under the video box below to visit the Fox 4 website.)

Visit Fox News 4 to view the entire interview with Johnson.

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