UPDATE: Promoted On Ponzi Forums And Twitter, Mysterious BizOp Known As WebsiteTester.Biz Reports Troubles With Launch, Relaunch; Same Forums Continue To Pitch MPB Today

A Nevada-based business that appears to have collected the names and email addresses of 400,000 people worldwide scrubbed its launch and then scrubbed its relaunch, blaming it on technical difficulties.

Websitetester.biz now says it will be back online “Sunday afternoon.”

Although Alpha Market Research, the purported parent company of WebsiteTester.biz is registered as a corporation in Nevada, websites associated with the entities are registered behind a proxy and a video from the firms’ purported CEO included only his purported voice and no images of his face.

Other promos for the purported business fracture the English language, featuring awkward prose such as “Potential clients who are disturbed by trifles during the ordering process are often unaware of exactly why.”

Promos have claimed the purported program is free and that registrants can make money, but the company’s business model is far from clear.

“It is completely free, you earn through EVERYBODY who registers after you, even if you do not sponsor people; you must not sell or buy anything. Guaranteed!” a promo claimed.

Registrants expected WebsiteTester to launch Sept. 1. That launch date was delayed, and the company announced a new launch date in mid-September. WebsiteTester then announced it had  encountered “unexpected server difficulties” with the relaunch, leading to grumbling among confused members.

Alpha Market has more than 19,000 Twitter followers, despite its mysterious nature and a pattern of announcing launches and delays.

The company has purported to provide jobs that pay up to $25 per hour for testing websites. It also describes “potential income” and asks members to recruit other members, even though the company exists in a sea of incongruity and uncertainty.

Affiliates have claimed there is no downside to registering because the purported “opportunity” is free. Regardless, the company now appears to have gathered information such as names and email addresses from hundreds of thousands of people across the globe — this while citing an anonymous news release on a free publicity site as an authoritative source of information about the firm.

The news release has been republished on forums that are infamous for promoting Ponzi schemes. The forums have been referenced in court filings in both criminal and civil cases. The ASAMonitor, TalkGold and MoneyMakerGroup Ponzi forums all have promos for WebsiteTester.

Among the other business “opportunities” now being promoted on the Ponzi forums is MPB Today, a Florida-based, multilevel-marketing (MLM) company that purports to be in the grocery business.

Michael A. DeBias is listed in Nevada corporation records as director, treasurer, secretary, and president of Alpha Market Research Inc., WebsiteTester’s purported parent. The address listed for Alpha Market Research — 3651 Lindell Rd.,  Las Vegas, NV. — appears to be the address of a company that offers “virtual office” services, meaning Alpha Market may not actually be located in Las Vegas.

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