BULLETIN: Federal Judge Signs Order That Bars Convicted Attorney Gregory Bartko From Representing Defendants In ‘Billionaire Boys Club’ Ponzi Case In Michigan

BULLETIN: John Bravata, the subject of the “Billionaire Boys Club” Ponzi scheme case in Michigan brought by the SEC, will have to go shopping for a new attorney.

U.S. District Judge David M. Lawson of the Eastern District of Michigan has barred Atlanta-based attorney Gregory Bartko from representing Bravata, citing Bartko’s conviction earlier this month for conspiracy, mail fraud and selling unregistered securities in a separate case in federal court in North Carolina.

Bartko now has been suspended from the practice of law in the Eastern District of Michigan, which “renders him unqualified” to represent Bartko and two family members, Lawson ruled.

Bravata and his family members have been given 30 days to find a new attorney.

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