MORE ‘SOVEREIGN’ FAILINGS: Man Who Declared Himself ‘Most Christian Prince’ And ‘Governor’ Of Alabama Before Fleeing To Florida Convicted Of Tax Fraud; Monty Ervin’s ‘Princess’ Wife Also Convicted

Saying that laws did not apply to him, self-styled “sovereign citizen” Monty Ervin declared himself a “Most Christian Prince” and “governor” of Alabama in its “original jurisdiction” while concealing his tax crimes in 2006 — crimes in which his wife Patricia also was implicated.

Patricia Ervin declared herself a “Most Christian Princess” who’d been “certified” by Prince George, whom she described as the “Arch Treasurer” for “The United States of America” in the “Treaty of Paris of 1783,” according to records.

The Ervins were indicted in Alabama in February 2011, and Monty Ervin went on the lam to Florida. He was captured in Naples the following month by the U.S. Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force. When captured, Monty was found to be in possession of a “notebook containing the latitude and longitude coordinates of an island off the coast of Honduras,” federal prosecutors said.

Among the evidence prosecutors introduced during the two-week jury trial was $350,000 in gold coins that the Ervins apparently buried in their yard while orchestrating a scheme involving bogus real-estate trusts.

The Ervins were convicted yesterday of three counts of tax evasion. Patricia Ervin also was convicted of a count of structuring banking tranactions to avoid reporting requirements. She faces up to 25 years in federal prison. Her husband faces 20 years. Sentencing for the couple is set for Jan. 23.

In August 2006, according to public filings, Patricia Ervin — for whatever reason — appeared before a notary public to certify that she was neither a “prisoner of war” nor an “employee of the government.”

Patricia also claimed not to be a “citizen” of “the United States” and not to be a “numbered member of the communitarian welfare benefit trust called Social Security Administration.”

In the document, Patricia refers to herself as a “sovereign Christian Princess like me.”

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