Purported Texas ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Who Issued ‘Deadly Force’ Threat To Court And Later Had Shootout With Police Officer Sentenced To 35 Years In State Prison, Prosecutors Say

“It’s okay to have beliefs, but you don’t commit crimes in the name of those beliefs. You don’t get to pull a gun on a police officer over a traffic ticket.” Jim Hudson, Tarrant County prosecutor,” Feb. 1, 2012

James Michael Tesi. Source: Office of Tarrant County District Attorney Joe Shannon Jr.

In December 2010, purported “sovereign citizen” James Michael Tesi received two traffic tickets in the Dallas/Ft. Worth-area community of Colleyville, Texas.

Tesi, 49, was speeding — and he had no driver’s license, Tarrant County prosecutors said.

A court date was set two months later, but Tesi did not show up. A municipal judge issued an arrest warrant, prosecutors said.

After missing his court date, Tesi “sent a legal-sounding document to the municipal court threatening ‘deadly force’ if anyone tried to arrest him on his property,” prosecutors said.

On July 21, 2011, prosecutors said, a Colleyville police officer observed Tesi driving and tried to pull him over.

Tesi, though, did not stop. Instead, he drove to his residence in Hurst and pulled into his garage, prosecutors said.

The officer walked up Tesi’s driveway with his gun drawn and observed that Tesi had a handgun, prosecutors said.

A shootout in which 15 shots were fired ensued. Tesi was hit twice, but survived with wounds to the face and leg. The officer was not hit, prosecutors said.

Inside Tesi’s vehicle, police found a Tesi “affidavit” that “warned any officer who attempted to stop him that they had no jurisdiction over him and could face prosecution for harassing him,” prosecutors said.

Tesi ultimately was charged under Texas law with aggravated assault of a public servant with a deadly weapon.

The jury found him guilty on Tuesday, after deliberating for about two and a half hours. The penalty phase then began. On Wednesday, after less than two hours of deliberations, the jury sentenced Tesi to 35 years in state prison.


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9 Responses to “Purported Texas ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Who Issued ‘Deadly Force’ Threat To Court And Later Had Shootout With Police Officer Sentenced To 35 Years In State Prison, Prosecutors Say”

  1. These people pose a danger to us all. They really need to be locked away for a very long time.

  2. http://www.star-telegram.com/2012/02/03/3710754/attorneys-pulled-over-by-hurst.html There is also a video by a juror who was intimidated and a supression of facts (a neighbors testimony that an officer fired first included). I know that he had supported Ron Paul and that Doctor Tesi was actively treating patients. IF he is a dangerous person linked to some Terrorist organization call homeland security. Otherwise this is a Doctor with a seatbelt violation and an attempt to unusually thwart that traffic violation which was escalated to a shootout in the mans own garage by one cop who followed him home. How strict are the seatbelt laws there. IF he is that bad, get the feds in, investigate this and reveal EVERYONE in the group, if not then it is a man with a seatbelt violation being prosecuted and persecuted based on his beliefs NOT the evidence. Nice job of objective reporting here, hmmm

  3. You might actually want to read what’s typed.

  4. Actually every one of us poses a threat. Those who might fire BACK at an angry officer with a vendetta; those with minority status; those with conservative beliefs (Doctor Tesi was an avid supporter of Ron Paul), those who are declared criminal when the EVIDENCE is AGAINST an notion of that are the victims. Maybe all dangerous no seatbelt wearers should be pursued wrecklessly to within their own garages and shot down within their own property by those sworn to protect them. When did the best way to “SERVE and PROTECT” get to be to “Shoot in the face” find no real evidence (see the link) and then lock away to PROTECT the officer. In doing so you actually make Doctor Tesis argument that the constitution is not followed by a corrupt govt. – By making this trafic violator such an extreme example – you become the example made>

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    These people pose a danger to us all. They really need to be locked away for a very long time.

  5. http://rankinfileblog.blogspot.com/ lets list out and analyze what the evidence suggests and doesnt

  6. Quick note:

    The IndyChannel is reporting that a purported “sovereign citizen” is demanding a payment of $1.6 million in gold and silver coins from the state of Indiana in the aftermath of a traffic stop:



  7. Lets get the facts correct. The shooting officer in this case (Fossett) changed his account of the events dramatically, at least three times. He in our opinion, perjured himself and counsel for Tesi, will attempt to bring charges against him for such. The chief investigative officer testified that a witness to the event informed him that Tesi fired first, when in fact this witness’ testimony under oath directly conflicted with that of Fossett, and she was adamant in her testimony that she could not determine who shot first and in fact never witnessed James Tesi leave his vehicle. Fossett testified that he proceeded up the driveway and entered the garage that Tesi had pulled into, where he saw as gun on Tesi’s lap. Witness testified that she witnessed Fossett run up to a position halfway up the driveway, then she heard two or more shots fired and witnessed Fossett retreat from a position midway up the driveway to behind a Lincoln Town car parked in the driveway. She further testified that she never witnessed Fossett enter the garage. This a major discrepancy, as a person standing in a position midway up the driveway, 15 feet or more from the seated James Tesi could not visualized any aspect of Tesi other than possible the top of his head through the rear window of the pickup truck he was seated in. The statement that he saw a gun on Tesi’s lap was in our opinion completely contrived and fabricated inane attempt to generate a rationale for Fossett shooting Tesi in the face and leg. Fossett testified that he shot Tesi in the face when Tesi had exited the ford pickup and moved to the rear of the pickup. Physical evidence is clear. Tesi was shot in the face either while attempting to exit the pickup or while seated in the pickup. Blood stains, teeth, and bone fragments found on the pickup seat, seatbelt, dashboard, vehicle windshield, and garage floor just outside the driver’s side door confirm this. The DA in this case in our opinion facilitated perjury and we are currently considering bringing charges against the DA and assistant DA who instructed the jury during closing arguments to disregard the physical evidence of the case and focus only on the writings and testimony (of who liars and perjurers). Fact, Tesi was holding a cellular phone in his right hand, engaged in an active call (certified telephone records confirm this fact) at the time of the shooting. Blood stains and finger prints on the cell phone corroborate this. Fossett testified that Tesi was holding a gun in his right hand and shot with his right hand. How can a person be holding a cellular phone in his right hand and a gun at the same time. Fact: Tesi is left handed. Why would a left handed person shoot with their right hand. Fact: James M. Tesi had won a judgement against the Colleyville Police Department, prior to being shot by Colleyville officer Fossett.

    Officer Brown (former police detective, crime scene investigator, internal affairs detective, and police chief) for the defense testified that Fossett’s version of events could not fit the physical evidence. He further testified that the physical evidence indicated that Fossett either ran or proceeded briskly up the driveway shooting. Tesi was shot either while attempting to exist his vehicle or while seated in the vehicle or both. The crime scene investigation was amongst the poorest he had encountered in his 40+ years of service and described it as an embarrassment.

    This case is being appealed. We believe James Tesi to be a political prisoner due to his beliefs and ideology. We believe James’ civil rights were violated and we will pursue this as well. The judge in this case Everrett Young handled this case in a manner extremely preducial to James M. Tesi, in our opinion.

    We as a family appreciate all those concerned with covering this event, however, we will not tolerate attempts to mislead the public and disseminate falsehoods. James Michael Tesi, believes in the strict adherence to the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights and is opposed to the subversion of the USA Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  8. I can see your point, but as family, you may be influenced beyond the ability to see what really is and not what you want it to be. I believe in the Constitution also, but I do not engage in violence against the local constabulary, ever.

  9. This just shows that no matter what the truth is, the Government will find a way to get around the constitution and rights of its citizens. This was a setup and a planned assassination attempt of Tesi. His ties are to a small group of republic of Texas followers. Who are known to fight the courts.