Eugene (Ore.) Police Ask For Help In Unraveling Alleged Swindle; Local Businessman James Scott McKee Arrested On Securities-Related Charges Of Aggravated Theft

EDITOR’S NOTE: Although federal and state agencies get most of the headlines when a securities investigation occurs, local police agencies also find themselves opening securities probes and pursuing alleged offenders — as the story below demonstrates.

James Scott McKee, a businessman and financial planner, was arrested yesterday by local police in Eugene, Ore., on charges of aggravated theft in an alleged securities swindle.

McKee, 44, was taken into custody by the Eugene Police Financial Crimes Unit, amid allegations he scammed investors out of at least $584,000.

His businesses included Ventis, Uptown Development, Quality Financial Group, McKenzie Funding, and Bedrocks, Eugene police said. Details about the businesses were not immediately clear.

“The investigation has found so far that between February 2008 and the present, McKee
committed Aggravated Theft by Deception and Fraud with respect to securities or securities business including: the sale of unregistered securities, the unauthorized liquidation of monies from investment accounts by a financial planner, the unauthorized deposit of those funds into the financial planner’s personal bank account and the subsequent concealment of that liquidation,” Eugene police said.

Investors and persons with information are asked to contact Det. Mercy McDonald at 541.682.5169

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