REPORT: Member Of Peru’s Congress Raises Concerns About WCM777

Congressman Jaime Delgado of Peru.

Congressman Jaime Delgado of Peru.

A member of Peru’s Congress has raised concerns about the legitimacy of the WCM777 “program,” Peru21 is reporting.

The news site identified the Congressman as Jaime Delgado. Here is a link to the Peru21 story in Spanish. Here is a link to the story as translated in English by Google Translate.

The PP Blog sought comment from Delgado today, but the Blog’s email was returned undelivered. (Delgado’s inbox appeared to be filled to capacity, based on the response we received back from the server.)

Colombia already has opened a probe into WCM777’s business practices. In the United States, meanwhile, the state of Massachusetts has filed a consent order that bars WCM777 from operating there.

Google searches show that WCM777 has a presence in Peru.

Delgado is a founder of the Peruvian Association of Consumers and Users (ASPEC). His photo appears on the ASPEC site. He has served on several Congressional committees, including one dealing with consumer protection.

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