BULLETIN: Zeek Receiver Sues Alleged ‘Winners’ In Norway

breakingnews72BULLETIN: (5th update 8:31 p.m.) Zeek Rewards receiver Kenneth D. Bell has sued more than a dozen alleged “winners” with residencies in Norway. These are believed to be the first cases against defendants in Europe. Bell previously has sued U.S. residents and residents of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the British Virgin Islands.

As is the case against other clawback targets, Bell contends Norwegian defendants must return their Zeek hauls because they “won” money from victims “in an unlawful combined Ponzi and pyramid scheme.”

The alleged Norwegian defendants were identified as:

  • Geir Vidar Pleym, Oslo, $256,917.29.
  • Roger Guldahl, Halden, $200,271.51.
  • Anne Liv Dale, Kristiansand, $158,896.14.
  • Fredrik Skjoldt, Oslo, $97,694.27.
  • Robert Ulvberget, Elverum, $72,569.11.
  • Stian Alexander Karlsen, Oslo, $65,000.94.
  • Pia Cecilie Fore, Heggedal, $62,115.13.
  • Knut Fore, Asker, $60,436.49.
  • Fredrik Harald Skjoldt, Oslo, through CMS Huset AS, an alleged shell company, $57,586.54. (Note: “individually or collectively with Morten Skaar.”)
  • Morten Skaar, Oslo, through CMS Huset AS, $57,586.54.
  • Odd Steinar Nordlien, Faaberg, Lillehammer, $55,019.09.
  • Anne-Mette Helland, Mandal, through Vita-min AS, an alleged shell company, $53,428.51.

Zeek is alleged to have gathered on the order of $897 million in less than two years of operation. It was shut down by the SEC in August 2012.

The case against the Norwegian defendants is filed in U.S. District Court for the Western District of North Carolina.

Just yesterday the SEC announced it had charged a “program” known as “Achieve Community” with operating a combined pyramid- and Ponzi fraud that had gathered more than $3.8 million in less than a year of operation. No receiver has been appointed in that case, which remains under investigation.

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