BULLETIN: New TelexFree Money-Laundering Allegations In Brazil Ensnare Wives, Relatives Of Wanzeler And Costa

Fifteen TelexFree figures have been linked to a money-laundering scheme in Brazil, according to the Federal Public Ministry of Espírito Santo (MPF/ES).

Among those linked were TelexFree principals Carlos Wanzeler and Carlos Costa and their wives, MPF/ES said today.

Katia Wanzeler, Wanzeler’s wife, is believed still to be residing in the United States. U.S. prosecutors consider her husband an international fugitive who fled to Brazil when U.S. investigative heat came on him in 2014.

The laundering racket led to the purchase of cars and a company in Brazil known as Voxbras, MPF/ES said.

Here, according to MPF/ES, is the list of those involved in the laundering scheme:

  • Carlos Nataniel Wanzeler
  • Carlos Roberto Costa
  • Katia Helia Wanzeler, wife of Carlos Wanzeler
  • Jozélia Miriam Sangali, wife of Carlos Costa
  • Danny Fabricio Cabral Gomes
  • Febe Wanzeler de Almeida e Souza, sister of Carlos Wanzeler
  • Marisa Machado Wanzeler Salgado, sister of Carlos Wanzeler
  • Roberta Rosa de Jesus
  • Draco Vaz de Oliveira
  • Alex Gomes
  • Diorgeney William of Assisi
  • Lelio Celso Ramires Farias
  • Rhalff Junio de Almeida Coutinho
  • Leide Januaria de Araújo
  • Elizabeth Cerqueira Costa Alves, sister of Carlos Costa

Their places of residence were not listed.

Katia Wanzeler was arrested in the United States on a material-witness warrant in 2014. She later was released. She has not been charged criminally in the United States.

James Merrill, a TelexFree business partner of Carlos Wanzeler, is scheduled to be sentenced March 22 in Massachusetts federal court.

See the MPF/ES news release (Portuguese): See the English translation by Google Translate.

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