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HourlyRevShare, Another ‘Ken Russo’ Ponzi-Board ‘Program,’ Reportedly DOA

HourlyRevShare, Another 'Ken Russo' Ponzi-Board 'Program,' Reportedly DOA

HourlyRevShare, another in a long list of incongruous HYIP Ponzi-board “programs” pushed by serial huckster “Ken Russo” (also known as “DRdave”), reportedly has collapsed after taking a second bite of the Ponzi apple (purportedly as HRS II) after the original iteration collapsed. Other recent “programs” pushed by “Ken Russo” include Zeek Rewards and Profitable Sunrise, […]

‘Felmina Alliance,’ Another Ponzi-Board ‘Program’ Pushed By ‘Ken Russo,’ Appears To Be DOA

'Felmina Alliance,' Another Ponzi-Board 'Program' Pushed By 'Ken Russo,' Appears To Be DOA

Felmina Alliance, another in a long line of HYIP “programs” pushed on the Ponzi boards by serial huckster “Ken Russo,” appears to be DOA. “Ken Russo” also is known as “DRdave.” His record in promoting scams, pooh-poohing or ignoring regulatory actions and engaging in willful blindness may be unparalleled. Regulators in the United States and […]