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Payment Processors Used By Surf Firms Offline

UPDATED 8:56 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) Two popular payment processors used by autosurfing firms are offline simultaneously. The main pages for SolidTrustPay of Canada and StrictPay of Panama both will load. But registration buttons for both of the processors are generating server errors and will not load. The problem appears to be affecting secure (https) connections. […]

MegaLido Members Take A Pounding

Reports online suggest MegaLido members are receving paltry refunds of less than 10 percent from the payment processors they used to fund their MegaLido accounts The precise percentage of the refunds is unclear. What is clear is that MegaLido is yet another autosurf that went bust. MegaLido was widely promoted by members of AdSurfDaily in […]