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Zeek Receiver To Make Third Distribution To Ponzi Victims, Says A Fourth Is Possible

In an announcement dated Jan. 12, 2017, Zeek receiver Kenneth D. Bell said he’ll make a third distribution to Ponzi victims and that a fourth is possible. After the third distribution,  victims will have received about 75 percent of their losses, Bell said. The third distribution is set for March 15. Let us note here that […]

ZEEK RECEIVER: No More Tax Withholdings On Distribution Checks; Prior Money Withheld By Receivership For Taxes Will Be Returned By Receivership To Affiliates In Mailing On Dec. 23

This just in from Kenneth D. Bell, as published on the receivership website and dated Dec. 19, 2014 (bolding added): ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE RECEIVER – December 19, 2014 The Receivership will no longer withhold taxes from distributions paid to affiliates. If the Receivership previously withheld taxes from a distribution, we will issue a new check […]