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BREAKING NEWS: Natures Discount Drops RICO Lawsuit Against Bowdoin, Busby, Garner

Natures Discount, a former AdSurfDaily advertiser, has dropped a racketeering lawsuit it brought in November against ASD President Andy Bowdoin, Golden Panda President Clarence Busby, and Robert Garner, an attorney who appeared in a video touting ASD’s legality. Bank of America also was named a defendant in the Natures Discount complaint, though not as a […]

MegaLido: Is There An ‘’ Tie?

MegaLido: Is There An '' Tie?

In the weeks following the seizure of cash and property linked to AdSurfDaily Inc., some former members of ASD turned their attention to promoting MegaLido. MegaLido was pushed as a safe, offshore alternative to ASD and Golden Panda, and a way to make up ASD/Golden Panda losses that stemmed from the government seizure of cash […]

Bowdoin, Nadel Cases Have Striking Parallels

Some of the parallels between the alleged AdSurfDaily Ponzi scheme and the alleged financial misdeeds of Florida hedge-fund manager Arthur Nadel are striking. Two obvious parallels are the common Florida venue and the ages of the principals. ASD operated out of Quincy; Nadel out of Sarasota. ASD President Andy Bowdoin is 74; Nadel is 76. […]