MegaLido: Is There An ‘’ Tie?

egoldenpandasmallIn the weeks following the seizure of cash and property linked to AdSurfDaily Inc., some former members of ASD turned their attention to promoting MegaLido.

MegaLido was pushed as a safe, offshore alternative to ASD and Golden Panda, and a way to make up ASD/Golden Panda losses that stemmed from the government seizure of cash and other assets linked to the firms.

“MegaLido Rocks!” one promoter blared, noting excitedly that it paid 12 percent a day and “It’s Offshore!”

MegaLido ultimately tanked, leaving members holding the bag.

Now it appears as though MegaLido had at least an indirect tie to an autosurf known as, the domain for which was registered July 27, only a few days before the government seized ASD assets.

instant2u promoted 14 percent a day. also failed. Based on forum reports, the surf began to fail sometime in November — just as MegaLido was coming to prominence in the surf world. Soon thereafter, though, MegaLido also failed.

If you type into the location bar of your browser, you’ll see that the domain tries to redirect to MegaLido, which is throwing a “Failed To Connect” error.

It is not known if the domains had common ownership or were working together in indirect fashion to harvest money from customers. What is known is that autosurfs often join forces to create churn. CEP, yet another autosurf Ponzi scheme, had money in 26 separate autosurfs or HYIPs, prosecutors said.

The instant2u redirect to MegaLido might not be evident in all browsers, but we tested it in Firefox and it tried to redirect to MegaLido. People are complaining about it on a MegaLido forum. They know they’ve been “had” whether the two surfs had common ownership or not.

These developments demonstrate, once again, that there is nothing noble about the autosurf business. instant2u became the subject of Web discussions as early as July 31, just one day before ASD’s assets were seized.

ASD effectively went out of business Aug. 1, followed within weeks by both instant2u and MegaLido. Some of the people who promoted all three surfs are still promoting surf sites, demonstrating that they’re willing to relieve people of their money no matter what.

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  1. I was signed up with MegaLido for a mere 3 weeks when the geek who ran that scam disabled the payout link which was red flag. Shortly thereafter, the site shut down altogether which was to be expected. I sent ticket after ticket to AlertPay requesting a refund and, although it took some six weeks, I finally did get my initial deposit back that I paid to join MegaLido. But my heart goes out to all who lost alot of money and unfortunately never will see any of it. My recommenddation would be to take whatever you can get, if for nothing else but a feeling of a somewhat “grotesque Victory”. Let’s hope that ponzi high rollers like Madoff and Nadel direct more attention to the smaller time HIYP criminals operating online and eventually kill all of them off !

  2. […] after the ASD seizure. MegaLido purportedly had 27,000 members. MegaLido might have had a tie to Instant2U, another surf that tanked during the 2008 Holiday season. “MegaLido Rocks!” one ASD promoter […]