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‘Paperless Access’ Video Release, Removal Coincided With Issuance Of Second Summons To Bowdoin, Garner, Busby

News that a federal court had issued a second summons to ASD President Andy Bowdoin, ASD attorney Robert Garner and Golden Panda Ad Builder President Clarence Busby to notify them they’d been named defendants in a racketeering lawsuit broke on March 19. On the same date — March 19 — a video for upstart surf […]

Surf’s Up: ‘Paperless Access’ Misrepresented Itself To Bowdoin

Surf's Up: 'Paperless Access' Misrepresented Itself To Bowdoin

Upstart surfing company Paperless Access “was not accurately presented” to Andy Bowdoin, who made the decision to ask the company to remove a video that starred Bowdoin, a Mod at the Pro-ASD Surf’s Up forum reported tonight. The Mod said Paperless Access had been banned as a topic for forum discussion, advising members that, if […]

BREAKING NEWS: Plaintiffs In ASD RICO Case Ask Judge For More Time; Say Bowdoin, Busby, Garner Haven’t Been Served

BREAKING NEWS: Plaintiffs In ASD RICO Case Ask Judge For More Time; Say Bowdoin, Busby, Garner Haven't Been Served

Three former members of AdSurfDaily who accused the company of racketeering have asked a federal judge for more time to respond to a motion by Bank of America to dismiss it as a defendant in the case. Although not named a RICO defendant, BOA was accused of aiding and abetting ASD President Andy Bowdoin, ASD […]

The Mystery Of Some Of The ASD Money

We’re about to engage in some speculation on the AdSurfDaily case — and we’ll readily concede it’s exactly that: speculation. None of this should be taken as high truth or an assertion we are “right.” It should be taken as an exercise in critical reasoning. This is a long post. Care to come along for […]

AdViewGlobal Blames Slow Payouts, Glitches On Growing Pains; Bowdoin-Connected Surf Having Bowdoin-Like Problems

UPDATED 10:42 P.M. EDT (March 30, U.S.A.) AdSurfDaily President Andy Bowdoin held matching-bonus “rallies” in U.S. cities, walking away with millions of dollars and setting the stage for the government seizure of the funds last August. AdViewGlobal (AVG), a surf with close ties to Bowdoin and ASD, hasn’t conducted rallies to date. But the company […]

BREAKING NEWS: First ‘Paperless Access’ Used Andy Bowdoin In Video Pitch; Company Now Insults Members In Email Pitch

BREAKING NEWS: First 'Paperless Access' Used Andy Bowdoin In Video Pitch; Company Now Insults Members In Email Pitch

UPDATED 12:29 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) The controversial video from upstart surf company Paperless Access starring Andy Bowdoin went missing after enraging ASD Members, and now the firm is insulting members in brand-new ways. In yet another impossibly butchered communication from the surf world, Paperless Access said it wanted ASD’s top downline  sponsors to make back […]

Injunction Against Arons Dropped In Friedman Lawsuit

UPDATED 2:13 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) A temporary restraining order against Florida resident Jack Arons by Dallas attorney Larry Friedman has been dropped. Arons and Friedman are in mediation to try to settle a dispute that resulted in Friedman accusing Arons of slander and libel March 5. The mediation is occurring via telephone and will resume […]

BREAKING NEWS: Judge Says Corporation May Not Proceed Pro Se; Orders Bowdoin’s Paid Attorneys To Advise Him On Procedural Matters And File Formal Notice Of Intent

UPDATED 12:51 A.M. EDT (March 27, U.S.A.) As first reported on this Blog, ASD President Andy Bowdoin’s paid attorneys never formally withdrew from the federal forfeiture case — not even after Bowdoin said he had fired them and was proceeding as his own attorney. Now Judge Rosemary Collyer has issued an order to the attorneys […]

EDITORIAL: Guenther Should Step Down From ASDMBA

EDITORIAL: Guenther Should Step Down From ASDMBA

UPDATED 4:03 P.M. EDT (March 27, U.S.A.) Bob Guenther should resign from the ASD Members Business Association (ASDMBA). Guenther is the de facto head of the ASDMBA Trust. People who contributed money to the Trust believing their legal interests in the AdSurfDaily case would be served have not been served well. ASDMBA members report they […]

Bowdoin’s ‘Paperless Access’ Video Removed From Site

UPDATE 11:16 A.M. EDT (March 26, U.S.A. See bottom of post and see Comments.) A video starring Andy Bowdoin that enraged some members of AdSurfDaily has been removed from its sponsor’s site. The video formerly was at this URL. No explanation for the removal appears at the site. Bowdoin pitched a new surf site called […]

Attorney: Guenther Devastated By Felony Conviction, But An ‘Honorable Man’ Who Never Should Have Been Charged

UPDATED 10:26 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) Bob Guenther never should have been prosecuted for bank fraud in 1994, but accepted a plea deal after a cost-benefit analysis concluded his best chance to minimize a prison sentence was to accept the deal, Guenther’s defense attorney said in a 1996 memo. Guenther pleaded guilty to a single felony […]