Sign Of The Apocalypse? Surf Sites Removed sites by David Courtney that promoted autosurfs have been taken offline without explanation. It is unclear if the removal is permanent, but sites for MegaLido, AdGateWorld and BizAdSplash went offline last night and remain offline this morning.

“This social network has been taken offline by its owner,” each site said. “It’s likely that the owner will bring it back online shortly.”

The sites have been offline for at least 11 hours.

Courtney also promoted Noobing, which is under fire from members for collecting money, paying rebates of up to 3 percent for a while, and then slashing rates to a fraction of 1 percent. Noobing blamed the rate cut on an unclear ruling in the ASD case and implored members to complain to the government.

The surf also is under fire from the deaf community.

Courtney said he’ll no longer write about Noobing in his newsletter, and he also announced that he won’t publish information about AdViewGlobal to protect members of a newly formed private association. Meanwhile, Courtney said he’d no longer publish information about the rebate-paying histories of AdGateWorld or BizAdSplash.

At the same time, Courtney announced he was down on Aggero Investment, which crashed and burned over the weekend after collecting money until the bitter end.

“Roger from Aggero really dropped a bomb on us over the weekend,” Courtney said. “Whereas just 13 days prior Roger was saying how great and wonderful everything was going, and even raised the maximum investment from $3,000 to $5,000, a mere two weeks later he announced that the program was in trouble and that he was closing.

“This announcement was further shocking due to the fact that just a couple of days prior, Roger announced that Premium Ads Club was closing up but that those of us in Aggero had nothing to worry about. Less than 48 hours after that announcement, he told us that Aggero was in fact having problems.”

In other ASD news, an ALL-CAPS POSTER named “David” — not David Courtney — screamed in multiple threads at the Pro-ASD Surf’s Up forum last night for people to wake up and not let ASD’s big winners hang onto their ASD money.

David implored the winners to turn over their earnings to the government so ill-gotten gains could be distributed among the rank-and-file losers. One poster assured David that the winners weren’t acting in their own self-interest by trying to rally troops to write letters and rail against the government.

But David didn’t buy it, and continued to post in ALL CAPS. A poster then appealed to the Mods to shelter Surf’s Up members from the high truths he was telling. Eventually his posts were deleted.

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