Oddities Abound In ASD Case, ‘Surf World

Oddity One: As first reported here yesterday, Andy Bowdoin had the exact same amount on deposit in three separate Bank of America accounts: $1,000,338.91.

Such an oddity seems impossible, if not deliberate. Could the $338.91 tacked on the end of all three sums be interest on individual deposits of exactly $1 million each all made on the same day — not long before the Aug. 5 formal seizure?

If so, why would ASD need three accounts containing precisely $1 million each opened on the same day?

Oddity Two: Back in January, this Blog made a video of AdViewGlobal graphics appearing in a webroom operated by ASD and then disappearing. Yesterday the YouTube system emailed us about a comment left at the video site by a person who identified himself as “AVGACompliance” and “Juan.”

Here is the comment left by “AVGACompliance” and “Juan”  (italics added):

Please remove this video ASAP as you are using unauthorized material and this is part of our terms & service. If you don’t remove this information your account will be terminated.

We did a quick search of videos about the AdViewGlobal autosurf, and found that the exact same comment signed by “AVGACompliance” and “Juan” had been left elsewhere at YouTube. We also noticed that AVG now appears to have its own officially endorsed video.

Assuming “AVGACompliance” and “Juan” have a real tie to AVG and that their aim is to make sure only the officially endorsed video gets shown on YouTube under the threat of an account termination at AVG, we have to wonder if “AVGACompliance” and “Juan” actually even watched our video.

We don’t have an account at AVG for Compliance to terminate. The title of our video is, “Ad Surf Daily Ponzi Scheme Tie To Ad View Global.”

So much about AVG is hard to explain. At one time, the surf said it had no ties to ASD, after prelaunch promoters for weeks did their best to tie together the two firms, even suggesting that ASD credits could be transferred to AVG.

See this January picture story.

AVG and ASD have common ties, common management and common promoters. Just last week AVG said it had a deal that would enable customers to wire money offshore to pay for “advertising.” Trouble was, a company AVG said was involved in the transfers said it had no business relationship with AVG, said the surf’s claims were false and added that it was conducting an investigation because it believed it had been targeted in a scam.

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4 Responses to “Oddities Abound In ASD Case, ‘Surf World”

  1. So, Uncle Andy had exactly $3Mil in different accounts, Busby had exactly $6Mil in one account. It is possible that these were funded by a small number of transactions over a short period of time. This is highly indicative of money laundering, exactly the sort of activity that the bank would raise a SAR for.

    There has been some speculation of how “the Feds” were alerted to the fraudulent activity of ASD etc. It is quite possible that a SAR raised by the bank could have been one of the notifications. Maybe one of several notifications.

    If AVG is following the same pattern, is it any surprise that they are searching for an “off shore” bank, and that they are having difficulty finding any bank that will process their payments. This is why the political will to investigate “offshore” accounts that has been shown recently is important. Closing the money routes will restrict the operations of the ponzi schemes.

  2. This blog has certainly raised interest in the Surf’s Up forum

    They have a whole thread dedicated to this blog, entitled

    “I am so MAD! Read the information from this link” which then links to this page.

    Followed by the comment by the author

    “read all the stuff, and look at the “picture story” and you can see how corrupt, and methodical, and deceitful the whole organization is/was.”

    It hasnt been deleted yet – so either the Mods havent spotted it or are at lunch. lol

  3. Hmm, wonder if Juan is the same Juan who was the former CEO of ASD? If so, another link to ASD, but of course there are no links to ASD. It is all just fabricated stories to try and discredit AVGA.

  4. The three equal amounts does see rather deliberate but maybe not in terms of the scheme itself. Looks like he might have been planning something else.