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Pro Se Filer In ASD Case Used Phone Number Associated With Debt-Elimination Firm; Name Linked To Group Prosecutors Called ‘Notorious’ For Defying Tax Laws

UPDATED 10:21 A.M. EDT (U.S.A.) A pro se litigant whose filing was docketed yesterday in the AdSurfDaily case used a phone number associated with a defunct credit-repair website that once advertised “Mortgage Elimination,” “Debt Elimination,” “Credit Restoration,” “Asset Restructuring,” “Off Shore Investments” and “Deciphering of Taxes.” The name of the filer also is associated in […]

BREAKING NEWS: Curtis Richmond Filed Motion To Disqualify Judge; Other Pro Se Litigants Filed ‘Innocent Owner’ Motions To Intervene In AdSurfDaily Forfeiture Case

UPDATED 1:59 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) Curtis Richmond filed a motion to disqualify U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer from the AdSurfDaily forfeiture case before the judge had issued any rulings on a series of pro se pleadings by Richmond and others. The motion was included today in a blizzard of motions made public in the AdSurfDaily […]

Reports: BizAdSplash Slow On Payouts To Surf Members

UPDATED 6:04 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) Could BizAdSplash (BAS), a surf site associated with Golden Panda Ad Builder President Clarence Busby, be following Golden Panda, AdSurfDaily and AdViewGlobal (AVG) into the great autosurf graveyard? Busby recently ceded $14 million to the U.S. government as part of the ASD investigation. There are reports today that BAS is […]

Bank Says RICO Plaintiffs’ Claims Have ‘Fatal Deficiencies’; Argues That Prosecutors Have Records On ASD Winners

UPDATED 10:23 A.M. EDT (U.S.A.) A federal judge should grant Bank of America’s motion to stay a case in which the bank is alleged to have aided and abetted a racketeering scheme because the plaintiffs already have a remedy and their argument is fatally deficient, the bank argued yesterday. Moreover, the bank argued, the government […]

On November Flurries, The President, And The Moon

On November Flurries, The President, And The Moon

I was four years old and wide-eyed, perhaps especially if snow was falling. Almost nothing was better than snow in my early years, and I whined until I was permitted to go outside and roll in it. I made no calculation about whether it was deep enough to roll in without getting muddy. Besides, what […]

Bowdoin Had Tax, Vendor Troubles In Previous Firm Dissolved By State Of Florida; Lien Stayed On Books For 12 Years As 6 Other Bowdoin-Connected Businesses Failed

UPDATED 12:47 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) His promoters said he was a hugely successful businessman, a visionary who entered technology markets and made money before others even had recognized the opportunities. Andy Bowdoin, they said, had cleaned up in the communications business and, for good measure, old-fashioned markets such as dry cleaning. He’d trained thousands of […]

BREAKING NEWS: Federal Judge Says Curtis Richmond, Six Other Parties Who Used Pro Se Litigation Blueprint, Cannot Intervene In AdSurfDaily Forfeiture Case

UPDATED 8:37 P.M. EDT (U.S.A.) A federal judge has denied motions by seven pro se litigants to intervene in the AdSurfDaily forfeiture case. Federal prosecutors seized tens of millions of dollars from ASD President Andy Bowdoin last year, saying his Florida company was running a Ponzi scheme and engaging in wire-fraud and money-laundering. Judge Rosemary […]

Could Sale Of Business Week Magazine Fetch Only $1?

It sounds impossible, but could the buyer of a flagship business publication with a circulation of more than 900,000 pay only $1? Business Week magazine could net McGraw-Hill only eight bits, according to The Financial Times. Business publishing is in steep decline, and print publishing in general is suffering. Prominent titles are paring back or […]

Plaintiffs Say BOA Dismissal Motion Should Be Denied, Ask Court To Note 80/20 Plan And SolidTrustPay Activity, Cite ASD Payoff Of Mortgage Held By AdViewGlobal Owners

Plaintiffs Say BOA Dismissal Motion Should Be Denied, Ask Court To Note 80/20 Plan And SolidTrustPay Activity, Cite ASD Payoff Of Mortgage Held By AdViewGlobal Owners

A federal judge should deny Bank of America’s motion to be dismissed as a defendant in a case that alleges it aided and abetted racketeers operating a massive Ponzi scheme from a former floral shop in Quincy, Fla., the plaintiffs argued yesterday. Bank of America is not named a RICO defendant in the case, which […]

AdViewGlobal’s June 1 News Release Had Typo That Directed Traffic Away From Website Firm Was Showcasing

Typoz happen. (See?) But a typo in a June 1 news release by AdViewGlobal (AVG) directed traffic away from a new website the firm was showcasing and caused it to land on a site registered in Europe. The domain —, in which the “e” and “i” are transposed — is registered in the Czech Republic. […]

Plaintiffs: North Carolina Attorney Robert Garner Was ‘One Of The Architects’ Of AdSurfDaily Ponzi Scheme

Plaintiffs: North Carolina Attorney Robert Garner Was 'One Of The Architects' Of AdSurfDaily Ponzi Scheme

AdSurfDaily attorney Robert Garner “was one of the architects of the ASD Ponzi scheme,” plaintiffs suing Garner for racketeering said yesterday. Garner was “a director of ASD and outside counsel for ASD,” the plaintiffs said. “He appeared on various Internet videos where he attested to the bona fides of the ASD, among other numerous false statements, […]